The 3 Keys for Managing Relations


Relationship management AND Emotional intelligence

Relationship management is a way of Connecting with people in a way to feel they are been understood and are been supported. Managing the relations is skill, an emotional intelligence skill to allow desired change around. Managing relations is different than being friendly. Managing the reactions of people around and to get desired and best results from a situation needs intention and efforts.

What is Relationship Management

Managing relations is about sorting out conflicts by influencing and inspiring others. It is difficult rather nearly impossible to predict the reactions of all. For effectively managing relations the main three key elements that pay a crucial role are…

The 3 Keys for managing relations

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Regulation
  • Social Awareness

Self awareness is the skill to know your emotions and control them. Emotions should not be in a position to rule you but you must have the power to control them and direct them. We are all trapped and have hurdles and frictions in our mind and not around us. By choosing to response back rather than reacting to any event and converting it into an opportunity is ultimate freedom that could be achieved with self awareness. This gets one to achieve confidence and boldness and the freedom that one deserves in ones own life.

Second thing that lies is self regulation. The key here is to choose what we think, feel and act to a situation. This is about regulating a stressful situations and change as desired. This is achieved by the ability to choose to response than to react. By managing the emotions, we are into a position to choose our response back. Here, the key skill is response back than to react to any hasty situation.

Third but not the least is social awareness.  The key is understanding the person’s needs and responding to the needs. Feelings are the central part that regulates here. This is the phase where one earns the caring and the sensitivity of emotions and is in a position to divert a situation for the highest good of all.

The key of relationship management is not a task accomplished overnight. It is a skill that is achieved with self-awareness, self-regulation and of-course social awareness. This is emotional intelligence skill. A person who is intelligent emotionally, and can intelligently manage and regulate ones emotions can effectively manage relations.

This is an inbuilt and God Gifted and of-course is a skill that can be achieved with a continuous and on-going practice.


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