5 Minutes of Self – Healing


Easiest way to heal yourself is by natural process of energy healing. Our body is capable and has the ability to heal itself.

This Self healing is based on the study of thousands of years of ancient and eastern medical model of energy healing. Small cuts heal themselves, and we our – self witness our body healing it on its own.

For this to do it consciously and knowingly, we just got to tune our self to our energy body and turn on our intentions and emotions directing it to heal. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body can be well tuned by our pure intentions. Self healing is very easy process and can bring us feel peace in our body.

Steps to Self – Healing – Self Healing Process

To practice self healing, What is required is to tune into your energy body and tap your thoughts and emotions to change the body’s flow of energy and the frequency at which the body vibrates. This lets you know your energies with ease and getting miracles in your life. The simple steps to follow are as follows:

  • Sit comfortably and concentrate and be aware of your in going and out going breath. Just pay your attention to the flow without interfering with the pattern of the flow of the breath. Do not change, do not judge, just notice the movement of the breath’s inflow and the outflow.The practice helps in bringing you into present moment and overcoming the interference of mind’s endless, non productive and useless thoughts.
  • Now take your palms of the hands facing each other and rub them for a minute making them warm. Feel the warmth with a smile. Keep smiling.
  • Hold them apart 6-8 inch apart and feel the flow of energy travelling between them. This ever prevailing and always present energy is been now felt so nicely due to the awareness and intention to awaken it consciously. Be with the energy and remain tuned with it with a smile. This gets a shift in your energies. Feel the calmness and greatness within.
  • Now close your eyes, and consciously try moving energies up into your arms and slowly all through the your body. Your energy body is awakened by the process.
  • Put an affirmation that I am healed whole and complete, And feel it with a belief. Let the self healing of the body prevail through.

Now try moving the energy to any part of the body that feels stress or dis-easiness. Hold it there and send positive and loving energies healing the body all through. You may again rub your hands together to get back the connectivity with the energy flow. Practice it with a smile on your face.

Move it to various body parts and feel it reaching and calming the body with the pure flow of loving positive energies all over and healing through. Any part of the body that brings pain can be healed with the process.

Be grateful and thankful for being able to awake the awareness and the healing. A state of peace and joy is experienced within minutes while playing with the flow of energies within. Experience the change in the state of your being by healing your body, mind and spirits.


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