9 Perfect Ways to Remain Positive


EXPECTATION IS THE ROOT cause of all negativities around us. Expectations, need not be big enough. They even start in the morning just by a mere greeting level of wishing morning or a single greet of a word of care “how am I”.Just overcome it.

  • Give importance and value to your own higher self.
  • Greet yourself. Ask yourself how am i feeling, what is that what i would love to do.
  • Give thanks to yourself for achieving anything that is achieved.
  • If you do something for anybody, thanks yourself for being able to do that.
  • Look in the mirror and meet the most beautiful face in the world. It’s you.
  • Your world revolves around u. it starts from you and ends with you.
  • Whatever you do, actually your level of satisfaction increases. Your comfort level with your own self is achieved. And that is the biggest and the foremost achievement because your own self is the highest you, and being comfortable with the highest self is achieving the heights.
  • Learn to value yourself.
  • Nourish yourself with divine love-full thoughts to celebrate everything.

Capital “I”…the SOUL and the small “i”… the BODY

“I” is the everything. The theory of capital “I” and the small “i”. The “I” is where the whole world revolves around. The requirement was to fulfill the capital “I”the SOUL . Being with the SOUL. Knowing what SOUL says. Making and being comfortable with SOUL. Loving everything and every body as one. The capital “I” that is on the spiritual level, the soul level.

But the human mind believes what it sees. It sees the body. It accepted and followed everything that the “I” need, but fulfilled it with small “i” that is at the bodily or the physical level. Making the body and being comfortable. Loving all materialism. Being at rest.

Whereas, the basic nature and need of the body is to work and remain active. It is the inner self whose basic nature is to be at rest.


Interchanged truth…

Whatever was meant for the soul, had to meditate; we made the body to do and follow. And what was meant for the body to follow, to work; the inner is at a continuous work. How can the body and mind relax. To relax, the body and mind both need to follow their basic nature. The inner at peace and body at work. We do and follow all spiritual aspects on physical level.

Who needs to meditate, the body or the self. We sit for meditation for hours. And create and think ourselves as if we achieved greatness. But the mind that needs to sit, who needed to be controlled, is busy roaming. The body that needs to work is sitting, and the mind that needs to relax and controlled, the senses that need to be turned inn are free to move out and now with an ultimate speed.

 Self … the true spirit

Knowing self is important. But again which self. The body. We know ourself. What I like to wear. My favorite color. What I like to eat. It’s good.

But, the question mark is… “Am I happy”. I have everything around, then what is it that I am not at a height.

The true self is the energy that supports the body. The energy that is travelling through the body. The divinity that is present, that is breathing, seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking through the body.


Value yourself…

love-meWe got to know our higher self. Value our higher self. Greet our higher self. Know, sit and communicate with our higher self. It got to relax. It is the light within. We got to be with it. We got to feel it.

That is the peak of all happiness. That is the power house of our body, by which the energy is generated and all our senses work without frictions.

Having a clear vision is like having light in house and being able to move around without accidents.

The inner light and wisdom helps us in knowing and moving and taking decisions freely and living life to the fullest.


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