9 Top Benefits Of Practicing Yoga Daily


Are you looking for losing weight, having nice glowing and healthy skin, developing a flexible and a strong body? Yoga can give all. Benefits of yoga are known partially as limited to asanas and its perception of benefits on the physical level. Where in, the benefits of yoga are far more beyond uniting our body, mind and our breath. The harmony makes our living happier, calmer and more fulfilling and p.

Yoga offers us

  • Weight Loss
  • Builds Up Immunity
  • All-round fitness
  • Releases Stress
  • Inner Peace
  • Life Full of Awareness
  • Better Intuition
  • Flexibility in Body and Mind
  • Increases Energy

The benefits of yoga are well felt once practicing daily in a profound and subtle manner.

Benefits of Yoga

1. Weight Loss

Surya Namaskar – the sun salutation and pranayama are highly efficient in losing weight. Practicing yoga regularly makes us sensitive to the body needs – That helps us in keeping a check on our intakes of food physically and mental and stabilize our body weight.

2. Builds Up Immunity

Our body, mind, and souls are connected to each other. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body and a healthy body resides in a healthy mind. Practicing various yoga poses strengthens the muscles and massages the organs, and the breathing techniques and meditation practice improves our immunity and releases stress.

3. All-round fitness

Health is not considered as a mere absence of disease. Rather health is a vibrant and lively expression of life as a whole – in terms of how happy you are, how loving and passionate you are. These holistic practices of the yoga pose, meditation, and pranayama ( breathing techniques) is a complete fitness package. Regular practice has immense benefits. Some of them like –

  • Gives strength to our mind
  • Improves our health
  • Detoxifies our body
  • Improves our physical strength

4. Releases Stress

A great way to release and get rid of stress and unwanted thoughts that accumulates on both body and mind day by day can be overcome by practicing yoga a few minutes daily. Pranayama, meditation, and yoga postures are valuable and effective stress releasing techniques.

5. Inner Peace

We all are in love with serene spots and peaceful places rich in natural beauty and love visiting them. We never realize that we can experience a mini vacation any time of day by acquainting ourselves with the peace that resides within us! And enjoy a small holiday every day. A disturbed mind can be calmed by practicing yoga.

6. A Life Full of Awareness

Our mind is continuously engaged in activities wavering between and future and is never in present and enjoying the moment. We can live a stress-free life just by being aware of this tendency of swinging and waving mind. Being mindful and practicing mindful meditation and yoga helps us to create awareness and being in present – wherein life exist and we stay happy and focused.

7. Better Intuition

Yoga and meditation are powerful techniques to improve intuitive abilities – making us realizing spontaneously what should be done, how and when to be done to yield amazingly positive results.

8. Flexibility in Body and Mind

To get a strong and flexible supple body, yoga is must and should be a part of your daily routine. This tones up and stretches our body muscles and make them strong. Yoga improves our standing, sitting, walking and even sleeping postures, relieving us from aches that are incurred due to improper body postures.

9. Increases Energy

To charge up our batteries and boosting up our energies and keeping us fresh throughout, it is essential to inculcate a daily practice of few minutes of yoga in one’s life. It helps in shutting down the completely drained out exhausting feeling after continuous multitasking chores. Ten minutes of online guide meditation during mid of hectic schedules can work wonders.

Keep in mind, that yoga is an ongoing and continuous process. Keep following! Profound benefits are achieved as you dive deep into your practice.



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