Antiaging or Age Reversal


Science today has demonstrated that aging is a disease that can be cured or better said can be reversed.

By clutching the link between belief and biology one can free oneself from aging. We can’t avoid getting old in age but definitely we can avoid getting aged.

Life adjusts to demands, it is miraculous. Remain active, use your muscle and mind and they shall remain intact.

Age is a biological number of mind. Age is accumulation of changes over a period of time. Institutes of aging reports that the base of aging is collective and the day you start the remedy you are set to set your future health.

Lifestyle patterns of diet, sleep, exercise, happiness, stress levels needs to be reviewed. Negative areas are accountable for swift aging. Rectifying lifestyle reverses age.

  • Regular exercise and pranayama
  • Intake of natural and whole food rather than sugary and processed food.
  • Regular Detoxification of body.

Inactive habits is one of the most important cause of aging.

Age Reversal Programmes

Fortunately, researchers and doctors today are working on aging process and age reversals. They are working on the changes in body when I gets old and what can be done about.

The universal truth, the clock con not be stopped so aging is unavoidable – but then gradual decline of good looks and good health can be stopped. Leaving beside the Natural, Genetic or unpreventable factors we can definitely work atleast on avoiding the additional factors. Avoiding the regular and daily impact of Crooks around on us that effects our mind and emotions and ultimately our health and prevent ourself from manmade  aging factors.

Two Factors that affect aging are

  • Internal
  • External or environmental offensives

That gets prompt and growing damage to our mental and physical health. We can cut down these damages

  • Diet – intake more of fruits, vegetables, cereals, natural foods with high-fibre, whole-grain.
  • Avoiding processed and packed foods
  • Increasing the Intake cruciferous vegetables life cauliflower, cabbage radish, sprouts.
  • Reducing fat in diet and oil with polyunsaturated fats
  • Regular engaging with aerobics, yoga and some weight exercise
  • Maintaining a normal body weight
  • No intake of tobacco in any form
  • Avoid passive smoke
  • Positive thinking
  • Remaining positive and happy
  • No intake of dietary chemicals
  • Optimum sleep
  • Avoid stress

Reverse your age and stay healthy and young always. Live the life of your dreams. That is all I wish for you all. Love to all.




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