Aura is the electromagnetic field of energy that encircle our human body (HEF-Human Energy Field) and every object and organism in the universe.

This electromagnetic field of energy surrounds us and keep moving around our body. It is the energy emitted through our body in the form of color and vibrations. The aura represents our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. The aura reveals information about our thoughts and feelings. The aura’s brightness and size keeps changing as it is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. It is also affected by the environmental energies.

Aura is our subtle signature depicting our true personality.

The aura of a person directly depends upon ones health and viability. A person who is physically fit, mentally clear, emotionally balanced and has spiritually high positive energies – enjoys a bigger and a brighter aura.

Everything around in the physical world is nothing but pure vibrating energies vibrating at a specific frequency connecting everything around in the universe.

Researchers and Scientists all over the world today have confirmed that electrons, protons and neutrons are the base and form everything in this universe. These electrons, protons and neutrons are nothing but vibrating energy particles vibrating at a certain level of frequency. This reveals that everything in this universe has its own aura and is vibrating at a certain frequency.  When these particles vibrate in their own nucleus; an electrical impulse is generated. According to the law of physics, any body having an electric field automatically develops a magnetic field around it. So a minute electric impulse in our body forms a magnetic field around us known as AURA – the electromagnetic field.

We need prana – the pranic energy for our subtle body to maintain its health and function properly…


The electromagnetic field forms a layer of energy that interconnects all the subtle energies in the universe. It even acts as and forms a protecting shield that protects our body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Like we need oxygen to survive and maintain our physical health, likewise we also need prana – the pranic energy for our subtle body to maintain its health and function properly. As we exercise to keep our physical body healthy by regulating a proper flow of oxygen, similarly we got to practice energy exercise to keep our subtle body healthy by regulating a apt flow of pranic energy.

The aura is rainbow colored and at different layers of the auric bodies/levels vibrating at different frequencies known as the subtle bodies. Aura is in connection to the chakras and corresponds with the energies of the chakras. Out of the The seven colors of aura VIBGYOR, either of one is predominant and reflects our nature.

The aura can be seen by kirlian camera,  god gifted people and can also be learned by healing art trainers. Regular aura bath cleanses our auric energies. A conscious aura control can heal us at all levels.  Aura is like a second skin that interacts with external world and gets us all things and circumstances vibrating at same frequencies…


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