BELIEVE IT OR NOT but the truth lies in the fact that …The whole world is a ball of energy. We are a part of that same energy; that energy is flowing within and outside us.

We all and everything around us… all are vibrating at a certain level of frequency. Our thoughts and feelings travel in the form of energy. What we vibrate is what we receive. The whole world is echo of our own thoughts and feelings. Universe is a genie. It is at my command. It understands no words, no language. It matches with my vibrations. The higher the frequency the higher is the level of achievements. My every single thought, feelings and emotions emitted through me creates my destiny.

The universe understands the language of vibrations and reciprocates at the level of frequency at which I vibrate. Vibrations are emitted through feelings. The home of feelings is our heart. Heart listens and understands what the brain says.

Brain works in two ways…

One, what it recollects through all its senses. Eyes, ears mainly.

 Second, with the input of words; that you can give; even if deliberately created.

…so, the place we need to work is on the root level that is

  • by making and giving all our senses good food; that is food to eyes to see good in all and food to ears to hear that is relevant for one’s own personal growth.
  • working on our thoughts by consciously creating them; full of love and vibrations.

Types of level of frequency…

By now we are clear, that we all vibrate at a particular frequency and that reflects in our life. Now it is important to know the types of level at which we vibrate and the emotions attached to them that affects the law of universe and attraction. The levels at which we vibrate are…

  • High level – comprising of love, peace, happiness
  • Low level – comprising of anger, hatred, self-pity

Decoding the truth…

Our body vibrates energy at a certain frequency having its own natural flow. Thoughts and feelings are the major and the foremost that sets our present and forms the seeds of our future. Our mind is like a fertile soil that has the power to cultivate anything to everything. The saying, what you sow is what you reap. The thought and feelings now have to be sowed in mind and heart with choice and a full consciousness to reap what we desire. At the base level, what we actually are looking for in our day to day life is peace and love. And what are the seeds we sow… anger, hatred, stress, greed, ego; and want peace, love, appraisals, joy and happiness. We are trying to sow bitter guard seeds and want a mango tree with flowers to grow. The basic nature what nature speaks, the law of universe, is all around us. We just need to decode it.

A conscious effort to live our each moment, that together forms our day, and each day that together forms our life to a higher level of frequency gets us to achieve our ultimate aim of life… ENERGIES…PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL.



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