REIKI… the alternative medicine


Reiki is a form of alternative medicine.

REIKI is a Japanese origin where “REI” means universal and “KI” means life force energy. We all have Reiki energy in us, the life force that keeps us alive. In fact, this life force energy is present in everybody, in everything and at every time. Reiki works in our body at the spiritual level. Reiki is also called ‘hands on healing’ technique. In other words, Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy that is channelized to the body through the Reiki practitioner by laying hands. The process helps in reducing stress, promotes relaxation and helps in healing naturally.

HOW REIKI HELPS US… Reiki is a beautiful energy which:

Reiki benefits us. There are unlimited areas where reiki helps us initiates and energizes our already existing energies. It

  • Heals us on all levels
  • Help us make right decisions at the right time
  • Attracts healthy things and people in our lives
  • Give us everything that we need to enjoy life to its fullest
  • Unfolds our highest potential
  • Leads us to a higher understanding of Life and the Universe

Our body has levels and we live on different levels.

  • Annamya Kosh        –  The Physical Body
  • Mannamaya Kosha – The Mental Body
  • Vigyanmaya Kosha –  The Intellectual Body
  • Pranamaya Kosha –  The Energy Body
  • Anandmaya Kosha – The Spiritual Body

REIKI works on the Pranamaya Kosha i.e. the Energy Body. Anything first affects our energies. The disturbed energy is the source of disease in our body. The energies gets disturbed and then the body. This is Psychosomatic Illness. Psychosomatic Illness the uneasiness in the body that has the root cause of thoghts. That is the power of thoughts.  Reiki is a practice to correct the energy level.

REIKI … is the energy that flows directly from the Creator…


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