Body Mind Connection


OUR Body and Mind are deeply connected. And they have a profound effect on our overall physical health and our well being. Most of our physical ailments are stress oriented. One affects the other.

The Two layers of mind – our mind is layered as

  • Conscious mind
  • Unconscious mind

Conscious mind understands everything intellectually and forms only a tenth of our reality. Whereas the unconscious layers are far far bigger than our conscious layers and are untouched and the most powerful. The connection and relation of the conscious mind and the unconscious mind has a vibrant and a strong influence on our body mind and our overall sense of well being.

Our body is the most intelligent and a miracle around…

It is important to be well aware of our body, its real needs, the gratefulness of all we have and the appreciation of all our miraculous workings…to achieve all the set of goals set by us for ourselves.

We are the part of nature. Our health is being at ease with nature. Our body is an automatic structure, where in the breathing, the heart beat, the digestion and all other are not upto us. If ever they would have been left to us , we would have definitely died. We would sleep without pumping our heart, we would have stop breathing if we were not in good mood and the digestive system can’t be even thought of. It keeps working day and night and digests all junk we intake and convert into blood and energy. And now think about the brain, everything around developed by this miraculous part of our miraculous body.

The body follows us without delay. You hate, and the body supports you, you love and the body supports you. We reside in our body. Body is our friend. We got to listen to it. We got to talk to it. We got to nourish and love it. The body keeps giving signals, we got to decode it. Know what  your body is trying to commune to you. Body is always ready to listen to us, but we never communicate with it, we never talk to it. We live in it but we never thank it. It serves us day and night without rest. Our body is a mystery and within this mystery resides the shrine of our CONSCIOUSNESS. Finding and knowing the consciousness within us is like finding the key to the ultimate.

Most of the body and mind problems that exist are psychosomatic because…

Most of the problems that exist are psychosomatic because of body and mind connection. Body and mind are two parts of one whole. Whatever we do physiologically affects our mind. And whatsoever we do psychologically affects our body. They are interconnected and are one. The inner part of the body is mind and outer part of the mind is the body. So, anything that affects the body starts affecting the mind, and vice versa, things affecting the mind affects the body.

So any problem has two edges, and can be taken care of from any side either through the body or through the mind. Any problem has to be dealt from both the sides and at the same time. The first place to start is from the body, because the body is the gate to the mind. First the body has to be free from all accumulated structures, and simultaneously the mind has to be inspired and motivated to move upwards and also to be trained to drop all the loads.  Physical process and mental process are one,  and can be taken care from either ends to affect and change the other.

To be a real physician mind and body…

Any person who treats the body should meditate. As, when the body is suffering, there must be something behind it. To treat a person , he has to be treated in totality. No body can be treated just by treating ones body. To be a real physician things have to be seen in totality. To look into the totality of the diseased, the physician should know to look into his own totality.

Like, if a  person is suffering from migraine or a headache, yes you can have a seradon. But for a real physician, it is important to look deep inside and know the reason of the migraine and thought process.  May be the person is burdened, depressed or worried. May it be, he thinks so much that he is not giving time to his mind to relax. So one can treat the symptom of headache, and the symptom can be forced to disappear through medicines. But as the root cause has not been seen and touched, it shall appear somewhere else.

The person needs to be treated and not the symptoms by yoga, meditation, mudras, reiki, thought process. Everything is interconnected in the human being. The body is connected to mind, and the body and mind are both connected to a ULTIMATE…THE SOUL.


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