Body Pains v/s Spiritual and Emotional Pain

emotional health

emotional healthBody Pains v/s Spiritual and Emotional Pain

We live life in emotional roller-coaster, rolling up and low throughout. Studies have proved today that these emotions cause and are responsible for our maximum health issues. Psychologists in their studies have shown that chronic diseases are caused by stress and emotional issues. Emotional stress leads us to stomachaches, headaches and even causes and leads us to physical and chronic pains. Studies have proved that anxious and stressed people have tense and constricted muscles leaving and making our lifestyle fatigue and feeling us inefficient.

Psychosomatic symptoms are developed due to unresolved and withhold resentments. Physical pains are the warnings to a person and are like signals that the emotions needed to be taken care of and worked on; it is a sign of unresolved trauma in the nervous system.

Some probable correlated physical pains to our emotional pains are discussed:

  • Headaches and Migraines are triggered by day to day stress. It is important to take out some time to relax every day to release all that is collected and stored. A regular practice to cleanse our inner being as our outer and ease out the tensions on a very regular basis.
  • Pain in Neck is an indication that you face problem in resolving issues and let go things easily. You have a tendency to catch hold of any emotion for a longer time. Forgiving others or even our own cause neck pain. Conscious working has to be done on forgiveness to yourself and others and consider things that you love.
  • Shoulder pain indicates emotional burden.
  • Upper back indicates lack of emotional support. The feeling of being unloved or even if holding your love back.
  • Lower back pain is an indication of financial worries and lack of emotional support.
  • Middle back pain represents guilt.
  • Knees pain can be due to various aspects and is a sign of big ego.
  • Ankles reflect inflexibility and guilt.
  • Anxiety is a result of not trusting the life process and flow.
  • Pain in arms represents holding the experiences of life.
  • Arthritis is carrying a feeling of being unloved, criticism, resentments.
  • Asthma is lack of self love, suppressed cry, feeling muted.
  • Baldness indicates fear, tension. Trying to control everything.
  • Jaw problems reflect suppressed anger, holding resentments. A craving for revenge.

And the list goes endless.

Metaphysical means…

Basically, metaphysical means to look beyond and knowing the mental cause behind the physical ailments. A disease can give many clues of the mental attitude.

What is required is to develop trust in the process of life and universe, the power that is generously supplying us breath. To flow with the life rhythm. We got to release our fear patterns developed in our minds and create and take step towards good experiences by changing our mind patterns. Understanding the principle of letting go. Constipation is a form of grip. Our body is very intelligent and releases anything that no longer serves it. We got to release and overcome our own mind obstacles.

Our only goal of life is to…

LOVE, JOY, PEACE, SELF APPROVALS. Living our loving space of our heart to the fullest. Trusting the divine power. Filling our lives with joy and peace. Our only goal is to live happy and healthy life enjoying our own company.

Anger is dissolved by LOVE; resentment is released by LOVE; fear disappears with LOVE; safety is created by LOVE…

Loving yourself and everything around makes the flow of universe in harmony.

A healthy consciousness resides in healthy body and vice a versa.


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