Brainwaves Frequencies


Brainwaves Frequencies

Our brain is made up of billions of brain cells known as neurons. They communicate with each other through electrical activity in the brain. Millions of neurons together at ones produce massive electrical movement in the brain. This movement is detectable using medical device – EEG, by measuring the electrical levels over the skull. They are classified into bandwidths, depending upon a continuous spectrum of consciousness; from slow to fast, loud to subtle, from functional to complex.

Our brainwaves keep changing depending upon our thoughts and feelings. When we are tired, dreamy, sluggish and slow – the slower brainwaves dominate us. Whereas; when we feel overexcited, alert or wired, we are dominated by higher frequencies.

The speed of brainwave is measured in Hertz and classified as slow, moderate and fast waves.

This electrical activity created in the brain is called Brainwave, wherein; due to its cyclic wave like nature; a pattern is generated. These waves are registered in the brain and emit electro-chemical impulses at different frequencies. They are known as Beta Brainwaves, Alpha Brainwaves, Theta Brainwaves and Delta Brainwaves.

Beta Brainwaves

Beta Brainwaves – (12 to 38HZ) governs our regular state of normal consciousness. Normal phases where our attention is directive towards all mind processes tasks and physical world. They are present when we are attentive and alert, and are involved in mental activities and making decisions. Beta Brainwaves are further classified into three bands

Beta 1 – Low Beta ( 12-15 HZ) – fast idle

Beta 2 – Musing Beta (12-22HZ) – High Engagements

Beta 3 – Hi-Beta (22-38HZ) – highly complex thought, excitement, anxiety, integrating new experiences. Continuous processing at this hi frequency terrific amount of energy and is not a very competent way to run brain.

Alpha Brainwaves

Alpha Brainwaves – (8 to 12MZ) they govern throughout our quiet flow thoughts and in some stages of meditation. Here and now, being in present is the alpha stage. Alpha is the brain’s resting state. These waves assist calmness, mind body integration and learnings, calmness, alertness and overall mental coordination.

Theta Brainwaves

Theta Brainwaves – (3 to 8 MZ) Occur in sleep and  govern us during deep meditative state. This state gives access to learning and memory. Here in this state, our external senses are withdrawn from the physical world and is focused to internal signals originating from within. The twilight state of being awake and in sleepy feel. Here , we are in intuitive, imaginary, dreamy and beyond conscious awareness of ourselves. All our fears, nightmares, unwanted memories can be rectified and transformed.

Delta Brainwaves

Delta Brainwaves – Slow brainwaves (Low Frequency – .5 to 3 HZ). These are generated in dreamless sleep and deepest meditation. These waves hang up external awareness and is the source of compassion. Regeneration and Healings are conducted in this state.




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