Just Breathe


Breathing … Just Breathe… Breath is all that we have…

Our health is in direct relation to Conscious breathing. Rhythmic, deep, long breathing practice keeps our mind at peace, still and in oneness and helps us in overcoming fear, anger, impatience, anxiety and various other problems we face where the breathing loses its harmonic rhythm.

Normally we breathe 15 times per minute in relaxed way. Nadi shodhan pranayama can be practiced to get our breathing into harmony and helps us in maintain our health.

Three main techniques to breathe…

  • Abdominal Breathing

Take deep long breath and fill air into your lungs fully, and while releasing take the stomach deep inside as possible. While practicing this method muscles should not feel any tension or reflex.

This technique helps in overcoming mental stress and helps in overcoming fear. It even helps in clearing any stomach problems and even helps in improving digestion.

  • Chest Breathing

Inhaling deep long breath and filing the lings with air. While exhaling chest and muscles can be relaxed.

This method helps in dissolving mental issues and gets relaxed.

  • Yogic Breathing

In yogic breathing, abdominal and chest breathing are practiced together. The secret behind pranayama practices is that the air reaches fully in the abdominal and should supply life force to all the nerves in adequate amount so that the body could nourish to its up-most.

Filing air in lungs does not complete the breathing process. The right way to breathe while breathing should fill and release the abdominal else it affects our body.

Inhale and fill the lungs with air and then raise our chest. While exhaling first release chest and then squeeze back the stomach fully.

Any ailments relating to our breath, nausea, cough, sinus, allergy can be cured. Any stomach related issues are cleared and improves the digestion. Mental stress, headaches, anger, fear can be overcome by such decent and simple practice. Filling the air into the abdomen to the fullest releases and helps in overcoming any  health issues.

Thus, such basic technique can help us in reliving and releasing stress and any mental issues physical, mental or emotion. 


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