conflict issues that were never thought of


Had a nighttime battle. Great. Not an issue. But now, don’t go to bed in this mood and sleep.

Point of Wisdom

A good point of wisdom to sleep could have been true in old-times, but for the day its no more true. As we see that we react strongly and feel negative emotions when we are tired. So is what we carry to beds keep revolving around us.

A disturbed and lack of sleep entertain fight even without reason and maybe wouldn’t have bothered to even react if we had a nice rest. Researchers have proved that poor sleep and conflict relate to each other proportionately. It has been seen that people tend to fight more when slept poorly as compared to other days when they slept well. A poor sleep makes it difficult for the partner to understand others feelings during the conflict and face difficulty in resolving the matter.

One Hand Clap…

Here you can clap with one hand. Anyone if deprived of sound sleep, the relation may face issue related to the conflict. And once you start the fight it is harder to resolve. And you may enter a cycle or a circle of conflict.

Hunger + Anger = Hanger

Another disaster recipe is ready when you fight when you are hungry (hanger). The body when is calling for calories is not in a position to think and react clearly and patiently. Likewise, one feels hostile and irritated when under stress. One when wearing an eyeglass of stress mind, one may only see stress around and would not deal with any negativity around constructively and can see no positivity around.

Question Mark?

So, what is bothering you, that when to fight and should I get a date out to fight? Ha-ha.

Here Is The Way…

It merely says to deal with a conflict constructively with the conflict and not with the conflicted. Resolve the issue and not the issuer. Try discussing issues ideally at right time and at the right place.  True, you cannot fight always in an optimal way and conditions, but you can be aware of the unrelated factors affecting the issues and try minimizing it. The conflict may flight up pointlessly at a time of stress, hunger, or if tired or other factors totally unrelated to the conflict.

Lack of sleep, stress, hunger can also be one of the causes behind building up conflicts, one never thought of.


So next time you see yourself angry and entering into a conflict, get back and evaluate the situation for a moment. Try distracting yourself with something pleasant, and hit the pause button when you and your partner are not in a rush and are stable enough with hunger and sleep that could give them peace of mind and are there to look into the matter sensibly.

There are issues that need to be resolved. But there are so many unrelated factors that ruin up not the issue but the issuer.

We cannot run away or ignore our outside world, we got to face it however vulnerable we may feel. But at the same time, we can be aware of how they are influencing and having an impact on our attitude and behavior and try to work over it.



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