Connecting with the SOUL…


Soul imprints and abundance…

An invisible force blocks us from living the life of our most fulfilling dreams. It becomes hard to release pain, anxiety, stress, and our life keeps stuck in repetitive patterns of lack and struggle. We are in a constant afraid of losing things – may it be health, money or even people. It becomes truly difficult to connect people on soul level. All the years of past are hard to let go and find it harder to change the course of our destiny. It seems as if you can’t get an end to the sufferings, no matter what you do.

Now, its time to put an end to the vicious circle and start over and remove all the invisible walls around us. We got to heal ourselves to start a new journey.

All this feeling of lack, struggle, pain anxiety – actually has nothing to so with YOU. It is the invisible wall that exists in the real world.

Our cultural and ancestral imprint is an old energy of lack and struggle. The soul is dominated even before our birth. It suppresses the light of our soul to guide us give us wisdom when we need it, leaving us feel lost and directionless. The soul true energy is not able to align with the universe and manifesting the life we desire and deserve.

This forces us to take decisions in fear, to play safe. It starts affecting our relationships and our happiness and prosperity. And with time this negativities keep growing with us – until we initiate to clear them up.

We are all born with a perfect soul. Rather, we are the souls having bodies.  The soul provides us, protects us, cares and guides us.

The soul needs to express here on the earthly planet. We are all unique. The soul shines through us. It guides us through our heart for all our desires, what our soul truly desires. It is exceptionally powerful at manifesting wealth in our life. We got to get rid of the destructive inner stories silently damaging our flow of abundance. Our personal vital energy systems need to be cleared of all our past imprints.

We are here to experience a beautiful life of abundance and bliss. Our soul energy is free and is shining through us. It is beyond what we see. The pure energy of our souls. We have the powerful and permanent energy that needs to be released and realized. Working on liberating our own soul’s energy and manifesting abundance and bliss. Our soul purpose is to live life truly magically and beautifully.

Patterns that jump over our connection…

All our patterns of past forms our experiences and attracting more of them. They all need to be cleared by identifying our childhood imprints, our ancestral guidance and clearing all our blockages.

Then our conscious and unconscious level affects our level of abundance. We got to be inline with universe energy to manifest abundance in all our areas of our lives.

Retain higher level of energy levels by clearing all our energy blockages and knowing our energy depleting areas and rectifying them. Setting points for a constant growth. It is very important to keep our energy vibrating at higher level, as it affects the flow of abundance.

The energy of our soul is activated and come to life in our physical expression. A deeper connection to our souls discovers our true nature. This is all shifting our life and raising our vibrations higher and experience abundance.

What we actually got to achieve is…

Live life with true wealth of love, smile, light. As we start experiencing the joy of giving openhandedly all that we truly have, to make the world a better place to live in.

Feeling a shining wisdom of contentment that comes from within. This empowers our lifestyle and the lives of all around us.

Never worrying about the money and live life absolutely abandoned in our liberality and kindness.

Contributing to the family and world

We are the infinite source of healing ourselves and all around us.

Being at ease with a knowledge that the guiding source is within us

…The connection with our true selves is that clears all our blockages and get us to a life full of abundance flow of love life prosperity and fulfillment of desires and all … 



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