Discovering The Ultimate Reality


Discovering the ultimate reality. Seekers seek for intense truth through self-realization by chantings(Jap), meditation(dhyana), penance(tap). The state of Samadhi or the turyavastha is attained through a combined mingle up oF God’s Divine Grace and One’s Own Efforts. Altruistic or the pro-social activities refines our mind, body, and soul.

Raising Consciousness

The questions like why to meditate, why to observe my mind – have its resolution into raising our consciousness. The cause of misery in one’s life is due to a diverse entanglement of our mind. We tend to live with the unawareness of the cosmic energies – the elementary energies that operates the universe. The real liberation lies in the freedom of our conditioned mind.

Body and mind gets stabilized and our true nature is realized through the practice of

Every person has their own unique way to attain ultimate truth. An inward journey is an experimental path trusting one’s intuitions and experiences. Mind’s recognition is the root cause of all sufferings. A mindless state is attained spontaneously with practice. In this altered state of mind, we are in a state of alertness and awareness above our conscious. Practicing mindfulness meditation gets into a state of mindlessness and being truly in the present.

Body Mind Connection

The frequency at which we vibrate raises. I and mind are two separate identities. Truly “ I” has the total control over mind, but due to our ignorance our “I” is trapped by our mind. By unfolding the dimensions of consciousness we attain realization.

Trapped in the illusion of time and space, our mind gets involved with greed, lust, emotions, love, hated, anger, desires and all worldly visible. Duality is experienced due to the splitting up of our consciousness. Mind and prana are purely independent. The flow of energy makes our mind into awareness and vice-versa. Unfolding our conscious reveals our ultimate true nature.

Knowledge of how our mind functions attained through spiritual teachings and personal experiences through meditation, through the power of Gyan and Dhyana – we move beyond the realms of mind and realize our true self – our being.

Thoughts are to be checked and replaced by counter thoughts of bliss. Through meditation, we can reverse and invalidate our negative thoughts with the thoughts of wisdom and positivity. We are hereby filled with inner joy and makes our self-centredness void.

Simplicity is the key to lead a life of prosperity and happiness. A balance between professional and personal life by managing time with discipline could get an answer to all ou problem within our own consciousness. Being a witnessing consciousness, being aware of everything, let things come and go.

A strong determination and a will would get us to discover our eternal immortal flame.



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