Divorce-Proof Your Marriage


Marriages are made in heaven. Let them blossom. Don’t let the time fade away the glory of life and the fragrance. Eventually, divorce has become like changing clothes. Give time to yourself and your relationship, Blossom up your relationship. It is important to stay happy and connected in marriage.

Here are some helpful tips for a healthy marriage and the connection with the spouse.

  • Be a supporter and a motivator – Day to day challenges as a parent or a professional or family bounds, the environment keeps showering with messages that makes feel inadequate. A voice of hold up encouragement and support for your spouse is protection as safe heaven in the gust of wind of criticism. For a healthy marriage don’t just fritter away the power of support and encouragement at all and any steps of life. Finding appreciation and affection. Cheering even the smallest of the things for a moment brings life in a relationship.
  • Know that no one is perfect – a view or a perception of culture has been insanely created that the spouse needs to meet all your needs. But truly, a spouse is one who is supportive, a good co-parent, financial partner. This doesn’t mean they need to enjoy the same vacation or food choices. Energies and communication in a relationship enter to be focused on the spouse’s failure of not meeting your needs 100% at all times 100/%. The need is to prioritize what is an ideal good match and see-through.
  • Understanding the goal of marriage – a fair play is to be known and emphasized. No two people specifically do the same things that too with the same skills. In fact, it’s found opposite partners to be more successful. Equality is not the goal by any means. Is it really hard to be kind, supporting, and loving. Spouse is the one who strong-willed to hold hands and walk through life.
  • Enjoy sex – the way at the start of the relationship. Humanly we all want to hear either in body language or physical reaction that one is attractive and desirable to them. Loss of interest or having an affair doesn’t work out. Better, discuss needs and desires, sex life, the changes with the passage of time with the spouse. Dine out.
  • Connection – life seems a gift in the presence of death. Illness deeply connects us to the value of health. Separation connects to the value of being together. Connect with your spouse and give space – the breathing space for the relationship to mature. Ripe and Juicy fruits are born by the tree that passes and goes through all seasons.

Life goes through various phases and choices. Relationships are the jewels of our life. Gently handle them and live them together.


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