Emotions – The Energy That Needs To Be In Motion


The word emotion is derived from the French word ‘emouvoir’, where “e” means “energy” and “motion” means to “move’. So basically emotions are energies that need to be in motion. The role of emotions is to move. They bring things into motion or manifestation by manipulating energy. What we feel is backed by the force that allows us to create. Even though we can think, but it is our emotional energy that fuels the creation to happen. I felt so, so I reacted. Thus, it makes us very clear that to create positivity we got to generate positive emotions. Emotions that are clear and pure in thoughts and perceptions.

Our Emotions Distinguish Us From Robots

We frequently encounter emotions like love, joy, happiness, sadness, fear, contempt, remorse, greed, lust, respect, shame, repulsion, trust, anger, pride, sympathy, longing, aggressiveness, affection, awe, rage, nervousness, obligation, optimism etc. Our feelings and our emotions distinguish us from robots and artificial intelligence. With our emotions and feelings – We experience ourselves – Our existence in the world. Our Feelings and Emotions endow us with the greatest pleasures and greatest sufferings in life. Our mind reacts to situations through our emotions. Like for example, when we are angry, mind reacts defensively sub-consciously – reacting that one has not performed well.

Our Emotions Secretes Hormones Directly Into The Bloodstream

In our body, the emotions are enriched and activated by our nervous system and ductless glands – that secretes hormones directly into the bloodstream. Our thought stimulates our glands and our nervous system and we tend to experience various emotions physically. Like we cry at times, we laugh, shout and all. The pituitary gland is activated by the activity of hypothalamus – and secretes hormones, that is the result of emotions that we generate and helps in generating new emotions. Our physical body responds and reacts to these hormones that arise according to our life situations. Our body encompasses various diseases due to unhealthy emotions. Like, emotional stress – contracts our blood vessels – which in turn may result in a migraine headache. Surveys today have revealed that emotion of isolation, need for attention may at times give rise to a backache.

Our Feelings Are On Auto Mode

All our feelings that we experience are based on sub-conscious and are in an auto mode. Feelings just happen, they are not chosen. We chose to restrict or to let it flow. Immediate expression of feelings affects physical functioning than scattered gradually. As long as we hold back a particular feeling, suppressed, repressed or denied stay unresolved. These unresolved feelings and emotions, directly and indirectly, keep affecting our functioning physically and mentally contributing to depression, anxiety, nervousness, fear and processes physical diseases.

So it is important to be aware of our feelings and emotions that contribute to out thought process and ultimately affects us on the physical and mental level. It is important to distress, stay connected with ourselves, exercise, meditate to be aware and be mindful – being fully and completely present in the present moment.          


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