The wellness key to happy and healthy life is Good food, exercise and rest @ physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Our Body and mind are interconnected, and so our thoughts affects our physical and emotional wellbeing. Our thoughts have an impact on our body directly. Our most of the problems on physical level are psychosomatic i.e related to our mind.

    FOOD for mind

    Happy mind releases chemicals in our brain and reduces the impact of any ailment. The nutrition for the mind is our positivity in our thought process.

    EXERCISE for mind

    Observation, awareness, conscious breathing is the workout i.e the exercise

    REST for mind

    And finally meditation that calls for the rest of mind.

    ALL This fills and energizes our energies to work again and helps in gaining health and wellness. And In this process of exploring ourselves our mind is empowered.

    An empowered mind is in a position to face any situation and is in a position to see positive in any situation. Now the outcome of the situation do not bog us down. BUT Our attitude defines our success.

    Herein we are in a process to see things differently with a rooted belief structure that everything here around on my path here is for a reason, to strengthen my inner self and opening my doors to a new path or anything that strengthens and awakens me. A positive flow of energy shift happen within with this inner acceptance.

    It leads us to see a big picture and gives a deeper meaning to a situation. Our positive attitude is full of compassion. A response that was based on the thinking pattern developed over the time. NOW, The pattern to respond positively without efforts can be developed by awareness of positive pattern of thinking by EMPOWERING OUR MINDS.


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