How to Fix a Broken Relationship


Don’t give up

Couples try out everything to overcome the frictions they are facing in their love life. And now turned up to a place of jumbled up with crises and sorrows.

Their inner resources and energies are low and are depleted. They often feel crushed and hurt. They follow counselors with an appeal for a guidance. Eyes begging questions, looking for directions to fix up the broken relationship and creating a better one. Take time to reformulate.

The first session, a probable decision together needs to be settled, as to whether there is a hope or no hope for revival.  The following questionnaire will help us to get to a conclusion.

  • Are both of them are looking forward to the same direction
  • Are they left up with enough energy to refuel and regenerate and recommit
  • How were the past traumas resolved or they are buried and underlying repetitively not working
  • Was resolution given a chance before giving up
  • Are there some hidden and underlying issues that are affecting their reconnection
  • And lastly, do they still want to continue

The therapy followed will help to search for answers to the hurt, injustice needed to win justification.

Sometimes, one partner is more dominating and repressing. At other times, the couples the two of them keep building conflicts that never resolved and now have become emotional trauma not in control, finding voice due to present crises.

And in an exaggerating and helpless style of battle, they are not able to pay attention to the other in the jingle of their own pain. There are others in a battle of silence.

In the process of identifying the starting point or the origin of pain and the negative cycle of pattern rehearsed. Some rays of hope are laid that may give chance and lighten up the relation.

Even after the most anguishing hurting behaviors, an awful betrayal, or the most gloomy disappointment, these delicate but vital keys can expect if a way back to love can be walked they knew once. They may be indifferent and distinct, but together we can look forward to a resolution.

Fixing a relation when break up is unavoidable

Pay Attention to What Your Partner Says

When one is speaking, look and listen. It is crucial to listen what one is saying even in case of disagreement. The history of the pattern of interruption or over-talking has to be rectified and the attention needs to be redirected to what one is saying.

A Gesture of Compassion And Concern

the couples even if they have lost their support and trust level, may it be long back or recently. show their concern when any of them express their heartbreak. If not being able to use soothing gestures, show your concern through facial expressions or body language. Compassion overrules dominance in a genuine heartache.

Memorize Times of Togetherness

at times the resentment between them takes over the relationship. They continue arguing without bothering to listen. They invalidate, interrupt and keep yelling at one another. A sharing of experience they shared of togetherness makes them laugh and a bit inline for a moment or so. Now, with the resumed fight things are not that fired up. And self-destructive interaction.

Clear Out the Invisible Pact

de-escalate the conflict, stop the auto mode to walk too far to bridge back. Out of nature or concern, one out of both or both take a caring place. Certain words are too hard to ever heal. Clearing the invisible pact and keep away from going over the edge.

Be in Present

popping up the past to add the blow is natural when one is losing the hold of argument. It is important to stay with an issue at a time and talk about the present needs. Don’t try to persuade the satisfaction at other personal expense.

Having a Basic Trust Level

Anger, hurt, resentment in a couple, their distress shows their unacceptance. Acts of behavior are different from accessing character. The glimpse of trust is reflected as a no expression of unworthiness of love or their mutual respect.


blaming is a power play. Don’t blame one another for any action. Self-accountability, makes the couple realize their own contribution to the erroneous. Tuning the interaction and changing its direction is remarkable towards the fixation.

Turn Up to Positive and Love

No Life No Hope. A once-loving couple with a diminish lifeless set of rituals is a burden. High loving energies can flush off high angry energies.

The realization of the repeated pattern of negativity by the couple have brought them to trouble and want to get rid of it. The realization would probably get their way back to love again and regain commitment by identifying their pattern of negativity. It may take time to leave darkness, but the light is always there…


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