The Secret to Happiness in Relationships


Laughter is a great medicine for personal health.  We are not aware of the fact that how much sharing a smile or a laugh works in any relationship.  Couples who effectively find the way and steer their predictable span of disagreement and conflicts proves to be a constructive way to resolve in a long-term or a short relationship. While resolving an issue constructively, the focus tends to be on the issue rather than the person, and when one makes things personal, one tends to resolve the conflict in a destructive manner affecting the relationship.

The Secret to Happiness in Relationships

To know to relish the happy moments together is the key ingredient to the relationship health of happy couples. It is evident that it is essential to share the joy and sorrows of everyday life with each other to promote a long-term relationship bond to be happy and healthy and flourish. Laughing together acts as a source of positive reinforcement. Being associated boosts up the motivation of being together.

The Secret to Happiness in Relationships…

Generating positive emotions is gives comfort psychologically. A positive emotional expression of laughter psychologically reduces stress and negative emotions of fear, disgust, and anger.

Laughter therapy works on both – the body and the mind. Studies by researchers have made it evident that emotion regulation – that is the skill to feel happy and balanced in any situation, benefits a relationship positivity. Depending upon the situation even Humorous reactions works too.

Psychologically Depict Emotions

The correlations as not equal to causation. Like a negative emotion at one point of time may give them a feeling of satisfaction at another point in time. Exchanging talks on the events of the day, a pleasing topic that they enjoyed together, or maybe a topic of disagreement that continued, psychologically depicts their emotions.

A Key To Happiness In A Relationship

The point that arises is whether emotional regulation predicts marital satisfaction.  Definitely, the ability to communicate constructively plays a key role and is a secret to happiness in a relationship. regulating negative emotions helps in bonding a relationship and maintaining it in a long term.  It is found that couples experiencing positive emotions calms themselves psychologically. Positive emotions have the capacity to break down psychological arousals.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter is one of the powerful and strongest reactions to having positive emotions. Generally, we may smile when we are feeling good, but we laugh out only when something funny strikes out.

Emotional climate of a relationship can be controlled by introducing laughter into it. At the outset, it may sound forced and strange, but with time you would realize that you would end up laughing out more in common.

Be Mindful

It is important to pause out the conflict before it strikes a relation. It is important to be mindful and take a moment to look into the matter with awareness. Once you learn to take a step back, the whole situation would seem to be laughable. The habit of  Down regulating together, one may find it difficult in the beginning, but later would find it as the secret to happiness and fulfillment in a long-term relationship.

Looking forward to Positivity in couples. God Bless


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