Healing through Meditation


Our mind controls our biology. The programming of the mind comes first and then our reactions…

The cells of our body merely follow the instructions given by the brain through the nervous system. The nervous system interprets the messages. Like for example, two people react differently to the same stimulus, may be one reacts negative and one reacts positive. With ones change of perceptions, the message that the nervous system communicates to the body cells also changes. It is our mind that controls our biology. The programming of the mind comes first and then our reactions.

Through meditations the norms are broken…

Our subconscious mind is like a tape recorder that keeps playing our old programming and 95% of our decisions and reactions are done subconsciously. The conscious mind operates only 5% of the time. During healing through meditations this norm is broken. The play of subconscious mind tape is constantly and consistently interrupted. With regular interruptions the old thought patterns are left behind and one starts living in present moment healing one in a positive way.

A true picture of how healings through meditation works…

Merely reading any self help book and understanding the concept does not provide the rewiring of the subconscious mind and healing one own self. Understanding a concept and integrating it in life are two different things. It is the trust in the intuitive knowledge that works. An open receptive mind is essential for any transformation.

The continuous connection that underlies our lives…

The more centered one is within one self, the closer one is with the source of wellbeing, more closer is one to ones own power of healing. It is the continuous connection that underlies our lives. A maintained and continuous uninterrupted focus and connection with the source, one feels happy and fulfilled, the body naturally stays healthy and gets free from diseases. Sickness is not random but an indicator or a symptom of how far we are from our point of the main source of connection. The more one feels the connection with one own self, the more the addictions and diseases fade out from body naturally. And vice a versa… the more disconnected, the more sickness one experiences. Our reactions and expressions are the result of our mind programming. Our reactions and expressions physically are the result of our mind programming. The mind brings unity between our belief structure and reality.

Manifesting the belief into reality…

The role or the mind is to manifest the belief and turn it into reality. Example, if one is told that I would die due to a diseases and I believe it to be so, then the role of the mind is to convert the belief and manifest it physically. And to no surprise, the belief would become reality. But its not because of some terminal disease he died but it was the belief that the disease would kill him, he died.

Transformations truly happen…

Trust is the starting point for healings and to follow the inner guidance. It is the emotions that works. Any strong emotion around the belief, may it be positive or negative, it ensures the transformation of the belief into physical reality. The epigenetic science is about understanding how our interpretations of our life events and environment have an impact in the physical body cells. The belief of the body’s ability to heal itself actually heals the body. The  attached and the passionate desire ensures the body transformation and heal itself.

To have the focus on the conscious mind means to be in present, that breaks the cycle of the roling of the subconscious mind. The old tape of negative beliefs are interrupted by becoming intensely present in the present moment, having the experiences of higher consciousness.

Being fully present in the moment means to be an unbiased observer of any situation. The interpretations and response change and one may react differently when one is free from the subconscious tapes.

Reading article or books can help but requires one owns trust that follows transformation. Whatever may happen but our thoughts and beliefs can be changed with discipline and practice. The possibility of healing is there always.

The requirement is the trust, the commitment to follow inner guidance, and to uphold a mind open to think differently.

healing through meditation


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