How To Be Comfortable With Yourself In Stress And Anxiety

stress and anxiety
stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety have a serious impact on one’s mental health, eventually seriously impacting the day to day lives, having trouble sleeping, and the concentration concerns. Uncertainty is when our familiar grounds shifts underneath our feet and one is in a state of unrest not knowing what shall happen next and how are the things gone to work out.

During the face of unpredictability and uncertainty, the nervous system reacts through the fight or flight or the freeze mode and are on high alert.

Opportunities During Crisis

A crisis is any event that creates a threatening situation and unstable affecting the society, a community, a group, family, or an individual. A crisis is generally unexpected and produces anxiety, stress, threat. Incidents like an earthquake, terrorist attack, tornado, or an accident. A crisis can also be any significant change in the daily life events of an individual or the significant other. They are life-altering events.

And on an individual or a personal level, the crisis is an unexpected event or events that trigger stress to an extreme and affect the individual’s psychological balance.

Herein, what can be added is that HOPE inhabit in a change of perspective. According to Spiritual psychology, all events are transient and persistently changing and the human mind tends to fix and take them to be as permanent. This is the root cause of extensive emotional and mental suffering. So it is essential to understand and accept that nothing is definite. The essence of life is change. Change is eternal. Anything that is everlasting is change.

Living through stress and uncertainties producing discomforts is to strengthen and learn resiliency – that is to adapt and accept the change. And grow as an emotionally and mentally strong individual.

Regular practice on a daily basis that can help you to be comfortable with your own self

  • Drink water and remain hydrated. The state of dehydration intensify anxiety and stress.
  • Practice compassion and kindness to yourself and everyone around you.
  • Talk to a friend or a therapist who shall listen to you unconditionally.
  • Be consciously aware of the fundamental values that are important to you.
  • Align yourself with the core values that you are authentically good at.
  • Serve anyone in need, anything small and meaningful.

It is helpful to consciously accept your sense of stress, anger, or anxiety. Observe the feelings. Make space for those feelings. Be there with space, comfort yourself and be at peace with them and notice the shift that you experience within yourself.


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