How to Bounce Back Emotional Breakdown


A void and a deep hole of emotional breakdown of any unhappiness or sadness or depression needs to be bounced back.

All that is needed to bounce back are some tiny steps of courage. A demoralized, discouraged and dishearten feeling needs to be flipped and turned to joyfulness. And the space to find it is within yourself as the fact lies is that you loosed it within.

The know how that ‘Self is not constant but is in motion and keeps changing’ needs to be seeded. My future shall be full of my skills and my experiences. These pitfalls is my learning ground. It is not the situation or a circumstance that breaks anything , it is my Giving up and losing faith inside that weakens me. And till the time I am breathing and I am living, I can always pull myself back. Digging and restructuring the belief structure within strengthens up deep inside.

Talk to yourself in words. Stand in mirror and say it’s OK to fail, so what if I failed or anything. A constant reminder of convincing that Nothing is New under the Sun. Life is a journey and all is a part. I am the seeker. Going within, acknowledging all, accepting all as it is, consciously awakening with awareness of all that is around is energy and I am the part of the energy. And the fact that the energy can be transformed.

This know how of awareness, acknowledgement and self talk bounces one back from any downfall of emotions.

Cheer up and live life in high vibrational energies.  


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