How To Develop Stress Resistant Personality.

stress resistant personality

Stress has become a part of our lifestyle. Students stress, parental stress, work stress, loneliness stress, career stress, and whatnot. And even when we have no stress, we find out some reason to be stressed.

Have you ever thought, how this stress is hampering us mentally, physically, emotionally, behaviorally, and ultimately affecting our lifestyle. This level of stress is impacting us and our environment, radiating low frequency of energies all around us, around in our homes and carry it along everywhere we go. And in such a scenario when we complain it starts affecting our relationships.

So in such a scenario what are we looking forward to. Is this the direction that we want to drive our life. Its time to come into awareness, where is our life heading to. I agree, It’s ok to take stress to work and accomplish achievements.  A minimal amount of stress is essential to work that is known as eustress, a level of stress that is good and is an asset for achieving peak performances and managing crises. But simultaneously It’s important to be aware of, when is this eustress turning up into distress and manifesting causes for the wear and tear of our body and life itself.

Our bodies give signals when we are in stress. It causes an internal feeling of tightness, contracting our muscles and affects our breathing. Stress disturbs the equilibrium and tends to exceed one’s ability to cope. To what intensity and the duration we are trapped affects us. So what does the balance sheet of life depicts here? A loss or a profit statement. The choice is ours.

Our body keeps giving warning signs and these symptoms if left unresolved can have serious implications. Frustrations, conflicts, internal pressure, social pressures, are affecting and deteriorating us emotionally, physiologically, mentally, behaviourally that we have forgotten the basics of life that is to laugh and even to smile wholeheartedly. We have turned our lives mechanical. And even the machines need to be charged, given rest, and need servicing.

We too need to charge ourselves and service our selves on all levels of mind heart body and soul. We got to learn to cope with stress by working upon the deep-seeded beliefs of our minds. Even traffic jams have the capacity to turn our emotions into anger. Have you realized the death rate due to heart attacks and suicides in young age has increased tremendously.

A change in our lifestyle is required to boost up our internal immunity to face situations and get rooted that nothing can uproot us from within. An awareness that the stress is eating me – itself is the first step to attack stress. Then Practicing and following a routine to exercise, taking a good and healthy diet, doing meditation, and yoga is required to be as food intake necessity to manifest a stress-resistant personality. Its time to turn our life statement into a profit statement. Its time to vibrate high frequency and get back to life to smile out wholeheartedly.

Love and light

Alka Gurdatta

Sunshine freedom 


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