How to raise energies…


Life is all about raising your energies. Whole life this is what we are all doing. We eat food to get physical energy. We intake knowledge to raise mental energy. Next step is heart and soul. Their energies also need to be raised. Food for heart is love and the food for soul is aanand.

Now the question is…

  • How to raise energies and
  • Secondly, why do our energies get depleted?

How to raise our energies…

  • One is through knowledge. When you know the truth, if you know how the things actually works; nothing disturbs you.
  • Second is through releasing stress. Stress depletes our energies. And we got to work double to raise our energies. That is to get our energies raised from minus to zero and then to raise it.
  • Third is through yoga, exercise and meditation.

ALL these things generally gets you to zero from minus to balance.

The question mark?

At some times, the question arise, if we are satisfied, contented, then how and why shall we work.

Actually it is a misconception generated by our mind. When we attain a balance position, we feel we are through. And now we don’t need to do anything. And this approach keeps us away from all such ways to get ourselves to balance,. But, the fact is …. To be in balance we are in zero. We are now not depressed or stressed. Good. NOW the actual journey begins… while this is where we tend to stop. When we are healthy we are ready to work. Yes!!! Now, when you are at zero, the positives are to be achieved. We are running to achieve things where we are already stressed and in trap of all circumstances. Now through meditation, we are out of trap. Whether you stop or go ahead positivity, it is your choice and your approach to life.

To accept does not mean to adjust…

To accept does not mean to adjust and accept and stop where you are. No, it never meant to stop. It means to move ahead with what you want with no mental disturbances of changing that particular aspect.

For the mind to be from negative to zero, and zero to positive; the way is again mindfulness. Before zero, the mind was full of negativities, and after meditation, zero is achieved and now again mindfulness with positivities and 100 percent focus; as now nothing disturbs us. As disturbance itself was a negative aspect. And what we focus on, nobody on this earth can stop it to grow or achieve the heights. Where, even the sky is not the limit.


+ in hindi language is known as yog. When you are in yog , you add GOD to yourself. Now your body and mind crossings (X) transforms to parallel to one another and are apart (II) and then transformed to positivity by yog (+).

The signs themselves also denotes, where you achieve nothing, then you go hand in hand and then they again become one and keeps adding to you and in you. And you become one. This is also the sign of Jesus, Christ showing oneness in ALL…

To be contented actually means…

Contentment actually means to be healthy mentally. This is a way to raise your energy to get it to a level. Contentment is taken wrongly at times, that if we are satisfied, if we are contented, how shall we go ahead. Our growth shall stop. As there will be no fire. Dis contentness gives us fire to achieve and pushes us to growth. But, in my view point, being contented and satisfied is being healthy mentally. If you are healthy physically, do you keep sitting idle? Don’t you exercise, don’t you work. Do you work better when you are ill or you work better when you are healthy? Then once you are mentally healthy, now can you work better or you think you can work better dis-contented. Ill diseased mind without focus or I must say the ill mind that is not allowing you to focus, that takes your focus again and again to the dis-ease-ed area. If our body gets hurt, or even if we even have a head or a stomach ache, our focus automatically gets to that part of the body and does not allow us to perform our activities perfectly. Then how can we think, that our inner illness, our hurt or depleted mind would allow us to focus what we actually want to achieve. A contented mind is a healthy mind that can now focus and is ready and is in a position to achieve highest of the highest goals.

Mind above Body…

Healthy body lives in healthy mind and a healthy mind lives in healthy body. It is the mind above body. If your mind is in balance and is healthy enough to face things, it can take charge, control and take work from his own body or one’s body as it likes.

The rule is that you want to play the game. If you don’t want to play, stop complaining the contentedness or to have a healthy mind.

Achieve that. That itself is a great achievement.

Your hurdles are actually your stepping stones. You only got to raise your energies to step and cross them. That is the way; GOD has given you the way and helped you to move ahead and above. Step ahead… love, vinamrta, nimarhapann, helps to step on anything easily without resistance.

You just got to do from your side, as nothing is in front; it is just the reflection of your own thoughts…


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