In Search For A Purposeful Life


The voice of every soul. The feelings of every man and women. A search for a purposeful life. A call of every person’s nature.  We all want to find this purposeful life in the fullest sense before death in the present stage of life itself. Neither do we have any consciousness of the next life after death, nor are we ready to wait for it.

The basic question is:

  • Where does the man want to achieve this purposeful life? – in the world made by himself, or in the world made by God? Obviously, this purpose has to be achieved in the world made by God, because the world made by himself just doesn’t exist.

In such a situation, it is very natural that man should, first of all, learn what the laws are that govern this world made by God and what and what Creation Plan its Creator had in mind while creating the world. This is because, without reconciling himself to it, he can never achieve his goal.

If you have a car and you want to drive it on the street, first of all, you will have to learn what traffic rules are followed in the country in which you find yourself, e.g. whether the traffic keeps to the left or the right. This is a must, for if you start driving on the left in a country in which the laws prescribes keeping to the right, you will certainly have a disastrous journey.

The same is true of the much vast journey of man’s life. Man’s life journey is not made in space or in a world made by himself. He undertakes this journey in the world made by God. Therefore, it is essential for all men and women to understand God’s Creation Plan and to build their lives accordingly. In the absence of such planning, they cannot save themselves from failure.

Man’s own experience is sufficient for him to grasp the point that, if nature makes provision for him to survive and to make satisfactory progress through life, it is all part of God’s plan. For example, when a man wants to quench his thirst, water is available everywhere, and it is the water provide by nature which best satisfies his needs. Similarly, when a man feels hungry, he appeases his hunger by eating the food provided by nature. Likewise, everyone needs to breathe in oxygen. Without oxygen, no one could survive for even a few seconds. Again, nature is the great provider. It provides both the oxygen and the breathing apparatus with which human beings have been endowed. But if nature provides man with these and all other human requirements, it is because God planned things that way.

The Purpose Of Life

Now when it comes to understanding the purpose of life, man must likewise learn about the certain plan of God. He has no alternative but to do so.

The Quran – which is the book of nature – answers our question. It states history is a witness that “man is in a loss,’ except those who follow the course of life set by the Creator.

Looking at it from this angle, we find that human life is divided into two stages –

  • the stage before death and
  • the stage after death.

The stage before death is one of action and the stage after death is one of reaping rewards. What we have to receive after death, we cannot receive before death. What we have to do before death, we shall have no opportunity to do after death.

Human Being Is Born With Unlimited Desires

The study of man shows that every human being is born with unlimited desires. These desires are dear to everyone. But it is also a fact that, in all of human history, no one has entirely succeeded in fulfilling these desires. Many people have spent their whole lives in seeking to fulfill their desires, but it has all been of no avail.

They are ostensibly highly successful in life, but every one of them breathed his last with utter regret and grief that he had failed to fulfill his desires. In the world of today, he had failed to find want he wanted.

The Principle Of The Pair

The study of the world shows that, here, the principle of the pair is well established. Here everything has its pair everything becomes complete by uniting with its pair. This principle is enforced at a universal level. Right from earth to space – everywhere indeed – this system is enforced. For instance, a negative particle has a positive particle as its pair. Human beings are made up of man and women. In the animal world, there are males and females. In the vegetable world also there are male and female sexes. This system of pairs is found at the universal level in all creatures. In this vast and complete system, there is only one exception and that is of human desires. Every person is born with a deep sense of desires, but all die without the fulfillment of their desires. There is the desire in the world but its pair, the fulfillment of desire, does not exist here.

The Question Faced By All Human Beings

Every man and woman born into this world is faced with this question. Everyone wants to find the answer to this question but, before finding a satisfactory answer, he leaves the world in despair without his desires being fulfilled.

During the last stage, the life loses all meaning. We are ready for a fateful leap into the unknown. Wanting and looking for a ray of hope. And leave the world with this feeling of deprivation.

Everyone here wants to know the purpose of his life. Everyone is in search of a life full of happiness. Everyone wants to find a life of total fulfillment, but his life ends in failure.

Stop Reaping The Same Unsuccessful Experiences

In such a situation the actual problem is that we keep repeating this same unsuccessful experience. But now, we have to make a reassessment of this matter.

The first thing we have to do is to concede in all seriousness that the material things of the world do not provide fulfillment. This being so, where is this source of fulfillment to be found? When human desires continue to exist, then we shall have to believe that it is something real, then certainly its source of fulfillment should also be available in the universe.

As we know, our life is divided into two stages,

  • the pre-death stage and
  • the post-death stage.

The pre-death stage is that of the journey and the post-death is that of arriving at the destination of the journey. It is the reality which should be brought to everyone’s knowledge.

It is the fact which makes man’s life more meaningful, which introduces every man and woman to the purpose which can render his or her life meaningful in the full sense, and be a source of fulfillment.   




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