An Insight – Social Media is Making Us Feel Lonely


Thanks to the internet and social media, made it possible to connect with people and friends all over the world. With Just a quick click on Google or Instagram, we can find people with alike struggles and interests anywhere on the planet.

Social Media Connects Us With All But Ourselves

Surely, the digital era has made us more connected theoretically but truly we are disconnected from one another. The fact is, even with amplified and increasingly pervasive use of social media and the internet, the proportion of people in America who feel lonely has increased from 20% from 1980 to a disgraceful 40% of today. Studies have shown a shocking association between excessive use of social media and our feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Knowingly, one of the major concerns in public health issues is the prevailing feeling of isolation. It may contribute more powerfully and strongly to untimely and early demise than obesity or smoking. As humans, we have a requirement to ourselves and one another to be in touch and stay as connected as possible.

Being Connected Is Essential to Mental Health Than We Even Thought Of

Being connected with others is essential for mental health. Being connected helps us build flexibility and managing stress. Our strong and healthy relationships help us to stay positive and inculcate a feeling of balance, even at the time of most traumatic situations in life. Researchers and medical science have proved that strong connections are associated and have a great impact with better recovery of medical issues or with prevention of medical issues – from the common cold to severe illness.

Nothing in this universe is good or bad. It is how you use them makes the difference. So is true for social media and the internet. They aren’t 100% bad.  

Nonstop Endless Posting Or Scrolling Is Not By Any Means A Significant Connection

May it be you are on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, presenting the one-sided view of reality to venture an image is easy. Though from the intellectual perspective people understand this, but implication on their emotions is completely different. Lots of patients have expressed their feeling of being insecure and stress with their life struggles by seeing images of the perfect life of others.

It is difficult for them to take a break from the internet and social media as passively scrolling down gives them an opportunity to catch up with friends and is also a form of relaxation. Despite the fact that it seems like a passive mindless mode to relax, it actually simultaneously is stimulating and agitating. In addition, the habit of scrolling multiple posts is not essentially a mode to stay connected through the internet and social media.

The data reveals that messages via social media are often partial and incomplete. The posts, by all means, are not completely honest and the people posting them restrict themselves on being open about their actual emotions and feelings. This partial and unrevealed posts with a restricted openness of feelings and emotions result in an augmented feeling of depression – in cases of extensive use of social media.

Balance up, see things intellectually, social media is good for a know how but not at your emotional cost. Connect with Real Souls and People Around.



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