is it justified to listen to our intuitions


Developing Intuitive Ability

There is no one way to achieve anything. It is a collective effort that involves knowledge, techniques, exercises and practice to achieve and attain anything. So is true with developing intuitive ability.

The first and foremost to develop any knowhow, it is important for us to first analyze the WHY, why do I want to develop the ability to be intuitive or in other words, what are its benefits.

One who develops intuitive ability…

  • Saves energy and time and money on small things
  • Is in a position to know what would get them satisfaction and joy
  • Enhances decision making without any hesitation
  • Avoids the path that can have dead ends
  • One is able to see beyond logic and recognize the why of the situations, people and events coming across in their lives

Practically, one feels guided by the soul.

Secondly, at the time of distress, one can tap into higher self and gain the other side perspective of a situation.

How we actually live…

In our culture generally we don’t take decisions on what our intuitions say. We underscore  science, backed up with information. And truly, we all at times repress what we know in order to fit in with socially and people around and try to be reasonable.

Are we just reasonable beings?

But the question is, are we just reasonable beings? No, we are spiritual being too. But our culture does not teaches us to honour our intuitions and we end up following the guidance and opinions of other people or our fears.

To grow in person and spirit

To listen to your intuitions is to be led by your spirits. This needs courage and belief in the flow of law of universe. When one develops intuitive abilities, one grows not only as a person but grows spiritually.

To develop the connection with one own self – the Spirit

Begin with commencing a conversation among yourself and your source of guidance. Initiate the connection by calling and communicating to your higher self.

Inputs provided by spirits, body, and mind

We are spiritual beings having body and mind. The inputs by spirit are quite different from the inputs that are provided by our mind or body. Mind and body inputs are based on our needs that fulfill us physically and nourishes our ego. Where as the inputs provided by our higher self are based on the plans that tend to be followed by love and stimulating experience of growth.

A life fulfillment and self-growth

Following the inputs of mind and body fulfills us on short term. However, following the voice of the spirit, directs us to the path of fulfillment and experiencing growth in long term. The spirit is not limited by earthly perspective. The perspective thus achieved is full of wisdom and serves us in long term.

Thus, it is important to make connection with our own higher self – the spirit and practice to listen and follow.



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