kids time – is it healthy or harmful for a child spending alone time


With time, kids learn to entertain themselves. At first, it’s a kind of a relief. It seems, now, at last, the worn-out parents have some time to spend the uninterrupted time to get some work done or to cook dinner silently! But as soon as it comes to mind, it becomes alarming that your kids are spending a considerable amount of time playing in the playground or maybe are playing alone in their rooms.

Questions like what’s new been cooked in your kids head while alone? Is it that being alone, they won’t develop generous social skills? Here is something that experts say:

KIDS TIME – The Little Ones Too Need Time to Spend Alone

The way we crave for some solo time with ourselves to settle down after a long day, and that’s normal. Guess what? If your little ones need that too, it’s normal. According to child psychologists, like adults, kids too need time to be alone for some time for ample reasons. Although there is no one explanation that can cover all kids, some children do need and look for some solo time after a long day of school. They crave to craft out a space and an environment of their choice after a hard work of following rules and discipline.

Playing alone for hours, the child is not just craving solo moments. The solitude is vital and helps in developing the kids’ brains. According to their age, they may engage in self-conversation or they may figure out maybe how to make something work, or visualizing imaginations, processing their experiences or may even engage in problem-solving doing independent activities. little ones at times loudly talk to themselves imagining a partner. The mind is dynamically engaged in understanding relationships, and experimenting with ideas and facts and the world around.

KIDS TIME – What if your little one plays alone in the playground?

At times it sounds a major developmental issue if like playing solo at home, the kid is playing alone in school as well. herewith, it is more likely that the child is an introvert, it is essential to honor that.

Some kids energize themselves being social and some others who get energy by plying alone. As parents and teachers, we got to keep a watch. It is healthy to play alone often than not. It is vital for all kids to learn and develop constructive socialization skills and simultaneously accepting the child’s temperament as his own healthy way to engage around with the world.

If it still matters and disturbs you how much time your child engages in playing alone and are worried about their social interactions, you should contact a good child psychologist.  




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