know how to heal your body with its related emotions

emotional healings

Emotional Healings

Each of our body parts relates to some emotions, and by time over the years, these parts may have some energy blocks. By Reiki, we try clearing blockages from the chakras – the energy centers of our body and the related parts. Reiki is a continuous practice to be followed for 21 days, that cleanses our body. Our body has seven energy points or the chakras. Each chakra takes three days for cleansing.

Reiki practice of cleansing our chakras, cleanses our system and enforces balanced energies within.

Every part of the body is associated with an emotion. So, while cleansing, chakras, the emotions are treated simultaneously.

The first and foremost to start is to start with a gratitude to undergo the process of Reiki in the presence of all.

  • Thank God for being here.
  • Thank the Reiki for being here.
  • Then it is important to thank the masters. So thank Dr.Mikao Usui ( founder and preacher of Reiki) for being here and thank your master who initiated reiki in you for their presence.
  • Thank yourself – your instincts and your higher self to be here.
  • Then it is important to thank the patient to be here to be treated.

Reiki treatment involves treatment on the front body as well as the back body.

The body parts that are given reiki accompanied by their associated emotions are as follows:

1. Eyes – the sole window, represents how we perceive the world around. Eyebrows – their eye or the Ajna chakra – expressing emotionseyes


2. Templestemples3. Ears – intaking all good and bad ears4. Occipital lobes – back of the headback of head5. Forehead and Back – the third eye representing the intellectual expressionfore head

6. Throat and neck – intellectual thoughts and emotionsthroat7. Thyroid and thymus glandthyroid8. Heart chakra / Anahata chakra – the point of love and compassionheart9. Stomachstomach

10. Solar plexus / Manipur chakra – the center of wisdom and power
solar plexus

12. Liver and gallbladder

liver and gall bladder

13. Spleen, pancreasspleen and pancreas

14. Hara or the Swadhisthan chakra – deepest feelings and the seat of emotionshara

15. Ovaries – pelvis (females) and spermantic chords (males) – survival issues, seat of the kundalini

16. Thighs – trust in ones own ability or the personal strengththighs

17. Knees – ego issues, fear of change, responsibilityknees

18. Calf muscles – issues relating to self-controlcalf muscles

19. Top of feet – Ankles – the point creates balancetop of feet

20. Sole of the feet – related to the completion of goals and stabilitysole of feet

21. Shoulders – the point is related to the fear of responsibilityshoulders

22. Back of heartback of heart

23. Back Solar Plexusback solar plexus

24. Back haraback hara

These 24 points of reiki healing practiced for 21 days cleanses our energy points. After completing the cycle of 21 days, you need to channelize energies only to the major seven chakras for healthy and a balanced system. Detoxifying the body for 21 days on 26 points uplifts vibrations.  Reiki is a healing energy that heals one at all the levels of existence – physical, mental, emotion, intellectual, spiritual simultaneously.

A disciplined reiki treatment followed for 21 days of refreshes you every day.




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