Laughter and Well being…


Laughter and Wellbeing…

The basic condition of well-being can be attained by listening to our body. Being in contact with our body. Making our body our friend. Body serves us day night lifetime. It has its own wisdom.

Being in contact means deep sensitivity. We feel our body only when we are ill. We feel our head when we have headache, we are aware of our leg only when there is pain. Any awareness arises only when something goes wrong.

While in pain, the contact is with the pain and not the body…

The time to make contact is when you are okay. While in pain, the contact is with the pain and not the body. Contact during pain is not a contact but an emergency measure for the needed repair.

Making contact with body when all is good. Body is natural and is in best contact when with nature.

  • Lying down on the grass, and closing our eyes, feeling the sensation travelling within, of the energy that is bubbling.
  • Lying down in the river, feeling the water touching the body and every cell being cooled. Feeling the Coolness entering cell by cell, getting deep into the body. Experiencing, the body, itself a miracle of nature.
  • Sit in the sun and let the sun rays penetrate into the body. Feel the warmth as it penetrates within. Feeling it moving in is having contact with your body.

Body has its wisdom of its own…

The body is very intelligent. It gives signs of the disease that may occur. But we don’t receive the signs, we don’t understand. We are aware only when the disease manifests. First the bio-energy of the body changes and then it descends into the body. Mind and body are connected.  

It is important to be sensitive towards our body. It keeps telling us so much, but we are so head oriented that we never listen to it. Our body is natural and belongs to the vast nature, where as our mind is societal and belongs to a particular society, age time. Body has its roots in the existence wherein the mind is like a wave on the surface. So the body is almost always right than our mind. Energize it.

The heart is the root. The whole body vibrates around the center of the heart just as the solar system moves around the sun.

Being true to ourselves…

To be in contact with our self, our body, we got to be true to ourselves. The three steps for being true to ourselves:

  • Listen to your inner voice … what you would like to be. Don’t listen to anybody. Simply close your eyes and listen to yourself.
  • Be true to your feelings … if you are angry then be angry, if you want to laugh, laugh. Let the mechanism of the body move without friction.
  • Be in the present moment … falseness comes either from the past or from the future. Passed has passed, don’t bother it. And don’t bother that has not even come yet. Be authentic… meditate

Relax and live life as it comes…

Nobody in world actually knows where are they heading to and why are they heading there. The only and the foremost concern is the speed. Do we know where are we going in the journey called life. At the end we reach the graveyard, the place where we were not heading to nor anybody of us wants to be there, and all of us finally are grounded there.

In this workaholic society all are geared up to work. We were never taught to relax. It is important to work, but we got to find some time for ourselves for relaxation. Relaxation gives us time for ourselves and even a deeper insight. It may actually change your behavior and even the quality of your work; making it more creative, artistic and even graceful. Allow the body to follow it wisdom. The body knows when and what it needs.

Joy simply means being yourself – full of life…raising energies. we are the part of energy and a energy as a whole.  A subtle music flowing within and all round. When he laughs, he is one with it; when sad, one with it; when in love, he is the love himself. Just a energy. When he walks, its just a walking energy. Swim and become the swimming.

Laughter therapy…

Laughing and crying… makes your soul and body one.

The body and soul laugh together, the body and soul cry together. But when you think, they depart. They are in harmony when you laugh. Anything that makes you one, the body and soul a whole is good. Dancing, singing, running… all makes you a whole one. You walk, and the body may walk and the mind departs, you eat and your mind is lost. They are not one with other.

Laugh and laugh the whole way to the God’s temple. Enjoy life. Laugh at even the most ridiculous things around.



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