Life Support System


Amongst the myriad stars, in the vastness of space, there are certainly a number of other planets in existence, and, like the earth, they are constantly revolving around their suns in their many respective galaxies, but on their gaseous or dry rocky surface there is no trace of life as we know it. If indeed there is life on earth, it is only because of the life-sustaining things that are found in abundance everywhere, i.e. all those pro-life factors which add up to human life support system.

Those who are born on this planet earth and live their entire lives here do not realize the astonishing singularity of nature. The reason is that having seen the earth since childhood, day in and day out, they have become habitual to its many features. Thus, they fail to notice how exceptional are their physical surroundings. Had it not been so, every morning, they would cry out” ‘Oh! What a beautiful earth, what a beautiful world!”

The unique nature of the life-giving aspect of the planet earth has existed since time immemorial, but it is not in the modern time that scientific discoveries have made this fact common knowledge. The man of today appreciates to a far greater extent than ever before the very special nature of earth’s life support system.

What is this Life Support System?

It is a gift which has been given to man by a Giver. In such a situation it is essential that man should strive to recognize his Benefactor, acknowledge the Giver of his gift and submit to him wholeheartedly. And, having done his best to understand why the giver has bestowed this unique gift upon him, he should lead his life in accordance with the will of the Giver. But this does not happen.

Man, in leading his life in this world, tries to build a bright future for himself and his children and ultimately builds a civilization for himself. But it never occurs to him that he should attempt to find out who has created the unique system which sustains his life or what its Maker wants from human beings. Moreover, he has no clear appreciation of the fact that everything in this world has: its right use and its wrong use. Take for instance iron – a gift our Creator. One use of iron is the construction of useful machines, whereas another use of iron is the manufacture of destructive weapons. Evidently, the manufacture of useful machines is the right use while the manufacture of destructive weapons is the wrong use.

The same is true of nature’s life support system in that it may be looked at from two different angles, a right one and a wrong one. One who looks at it from the right angle will develop the correct and desired attitude towards it, while one who looks at it from the wrong angle will develop an attitude towards it which is erroneous and undesirable in every aspect.

The Creation Plan by The Creator

Now the question arises as to how to determine which are the right and wrong angles with respect to the life support system. The only way in which we can do this is to learn about the Creation Plan devised by the Creator. It is through this Creator Plan that we shall learn which attitude towards the life support system is right and which attitude is wrong.

The Creation Plan regarding life, which we have been told by God through His Prophets, is that the Creator has created man as an eternal creature, with the first brief span of his life in the pre-death period and the rest of his life – a much longer period – in the post-death period. The pre-death period is that of trial and the post-death period is that of reward and punishment, in accordance with how well or bad man has acquitted himself during the period of the trial.

When human history has run its course, it will terminate with the Day of Judgement. The happenings of the day will be on an epic scale. Then the Creator of man will manifest Himself in order to mete out rewards or punishment commensurate with the record of human deeds on earth. Those who have passed the test will be blessed with eternal paradise, while those who have failed the test will be cast into eternal hell.

In the light of this Creation Plan of God, we can understand what man’s attitude should be regarding life and the life support system. The right angle in the matter of the life support system is to look at it with the eyes the Creator and the wrong angle is to look at it as a means to satisfy man’s personal desires. The former is what makes man’s attitude right and the latter is what makes it wrong.

When we look at it from this viewpoint, then two different stances are adopted regarding life and the life support system. That which is formed in accordance with the plan of the Creator is that the life support system should be regarded as a test support system. On the contrary, when we look at it from the angle of egocentric human thinking, it takes on the character of a mere means of purveying enjoyment. In the first case, life is seen in terms of responsibility, whereas in the second case, life is reduced to an animal level – that is, eat, drink and be merry and then leave the world in that state.

In present times, scientific investigations have discovered the meaningfulness of human life and the life support system to a far greater extent than before. This should have resulted in man becoming more serious regarding the purpose of his life and, by making use of his blessings; he should have acknowledged the Giver of Blessings to a much higher degree than hitherto. But the result has been totally the opposite. The man has forgotten the reality that the life support system is in actual fact a test support system. Instead, man has looked upon the life support system merely as a means of ensuring enjoyment, and his goal in life has been reduced to securing more and more material things for himself in order to make life increasingly enjoyable.


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