how to make spiritual parenting possible

spiritual parenting

Spiritual Parenting – It gets us out of mind with even a glimpse of thought on how can one find ways and time for parenting and upbringing our children with spiritual philosophies.

Days and months pass by with fully packed schedules. We all sailing in the same boat, busy in accomplishing our own personal individual goals, pushing back our family priorities. Our family needs to discover their own strengths and passions. Time is required and is necessary for introspection and empowerment.

It’s time to consider yourself now at this point of time. The fact is spiritual parenting and achievements are not correlated. Achievement is not the parameter to success. Adding personal values to achievement or the actions makes an achievement a success.

Daily life spiritual parenting

Spiritual parenting is not merely about chanting mantras, rather for an effective spiritual parenting, it requires an overall revamp within the family communication. It requires an insight of self-perception. The child picks and learns what we reflect on a daily basis. Our vision forms their sight. Our Actions are mightier than our words. Implementing spiritual parenting into the family is a continuous process.

Assess your own mood and temper

The environment and the air of our house mystically depend upon our own mood and the temper. Dark clouds are formed and get gathered with the stress around, and wherein smiles and laughter gets light and bright days. Generally, our own behavior and reactions towards children and people around depending upon our own perceptions of what we experience, that no one else has the control altogether. Like in at times we tend to shout not because of the child’s malfunction but our own mind pressure. We may at times overlook drastically severe situation when overwhelmed with joy.

The LISTEN Principle

Look – Inquire – Say again – Take time – Empathy – No judgments

It is utmost imperative to be a good listener. But how is the question?

Maintaining eye contact and observing body language indicates the sign of the depth of conversation. Mirroring the child at times makes them feel comfortable and enjoy the same wavelengths.

Informational and Innovative answers require great questions. To get clarity on the dilemma, questions like where, what, who, when, why helps out. How is one feeling is more important.

Rephrase and restate the issue of the child ensuring him that you are able to understand him and the issue clearly as stated. They feel confident and feel comfortable that they are being listened accurately and attentively.

  • Never answer just like that. Take a moment, think and the reply.
  • Empathize and not show sympathize. Being empathic is different from being sympathetic. Try to feel out how it feels being upset being a child.
  • Comfort zone for the child is important for him to talk freely. Keep nodding with a smile without judgments.
  • The child speaks out and discovers a completely new possibility of expressions.
  • Being ideal is important than being a voice

For a successful family life, Personal values got to go hand in hand with actions. That is spiritual parenting. Spiritual parenting is the effort of head and heart and allows things to fall where they should. Speak out less but perform out well.

Lastly, but not the least…

the power of love and generosity. Giving and sharing. And Preaching harmony. Simple ethics add on values and helps to turn a child into a nice human being.



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