Managing our mind is like…

Managing Minds

Managing our mind is like…

Our mind is like a crazy monkey, constantly wandering around. It is totally out of our control. Managing our mind is like managing a drunken crazy stinted monkey. The emotions and thoughts that keep going in our mind on minute to minute basis makes our life worried, chaotic, disordered, over stressed, overwhelmed, and makes us taking stupid decisions. That is something that we actually don’t look forward to have in our lives.

Meditation is a process to get this drunken crazy stinted monkey called mind inline and lead an exceptional, extraordinary, successful, happy and peaceful life. Reaching a state of calm tranquility.

Through meditation we can master our emotions. Our emotions keep constantly going up and down leaving us stressed and affects the quality of life we live. Meditation helps us in eliminating stress. It even helps us to get rid of any addictions. Meditation helps us in being happy in just in that moment. True happiness – being happy in the present moment. Any kind of sticking stimulation gives our mind a roller coaster ride.

Meditation is like training our brain.

  • It improves the health of our brain.
  • A meditative brain opens up and results in improved productivity.
  • It gets us to achieve straightforward results may it be relationships, or business.
  • Everything comes through productivity and productivity comes from calm and clear mind; that is developed through focus.
  • Meditation unleashes our creativity. Creativity comes through our subconscious mind. When we our peaceful and are grounded, Creativity bubbles up.
  • Meditation develops mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to be an observer of everything may it be you yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions. Observing things around without being involved emotionally.
  • It helps us in eliminating negative emotions, frustrating circumstances of our life. This can be done just by observing it.
  • It helps us to achieve our natural state of peaceful blissfulness. Making us feel completely satisfied contented and fulfilled.

The awareness with consciousness is a very powerful tool.

Meditation is quite simple. It is actually a process of quieting our mind.  A state of doing nothing with only awareness with what is actually happening in that particular moment. Focusing our mind to nothingness. Getting away from all the stories that are built in our mind. Clouded thoughts crossing randomly daily momently and differently. Sometimes interesting, sometimes boring. We tend to get carried away with these clouds and get miles and miles off tracked. Meditation helps to move these clouds of thoughts move through our mind without making judgments and just watching them.

Scientific studies have shown and proved scientifically the benefit of meditation.

Generally the techniques of meditations are followed in very different ways. May it be Mantra, Affirmations, Breathing exercises, counting breaths in a specific way, clearing our mind constantly and lots of them.

The Simple technique…

 A simple method for anyone to follow that can lead one to a highest level of meditation. All that is required is to do it regularly.

  • First of all set time; let’s say 20 minutes.
  • Next, sit on a quiet place with no disturbances and distractions in any comfortable position may it be a chair, a couch, crossed or straight legs. Only thing required is to sit with back straight at 90 degree to avoid sleepiness.
  • Then, close your eyes and let the breath go on it’s own pace.
  • The Main practice is to clear the mind of any thought that arises. This is done by merely focusing on it. The practice is to not to go with the thought but just see them consistently crossing like passing clouds in the atmosphere. Thoughts shall come like ghosts, but you need to get back again and again and not be carried away.
  • And that’s it.

A simple technique with no rituals or religions, theories or philosophies. 

To sit with any distractions…

It seems to be simple but is very difficult to sit with any distractions. Meditation is a lifestyle that needs to be practiced in a simple way. Our mind does not know how to sit still. A simple technique to achieve this: is to do it regularly, whatever may happen. You are happy or sad, doing your best or the worst, meditation is a must.

Get rid of all doubts.

  • To get the mind to focus, it needs to be trained.
  • The calmness that is at times loosed out is achieved with practice.
  • Don’t over expect to have 20 minutes focus. That is not achieved even after a long long practice. What is required is to just do it.
  • YES, Meditation works for everybody.
  • We are re-grounding our selves changing our vision.


  • Meditation develops a strong emotional balance.
  • Being happy in whatever the circumstances are.
  • Shall be in position to control our life, our emotions.
  • It develops strong mental willpower.
  • Helps in developing and maintaining relationships.
  • It can be applied to business, productivity, creativity.
  • It gets us to the crux of attaining fulfillment in life, unhooked from all the stimulation of mind.
  • We are then in a position to feel the oneness with the whole world and achieving happiness to our full potentials of our life.




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