Meditation for beginners


How To Do Meditation  – Mediation for Beginners

Primarily, meditation is a way that helps to fight stress, improves physical health, relief from chronic pains, insomnia or sleeplessness, happy feeling, calm and peaceful and being more into present.

And deeply, meditation is a step to unknown to decode to who we are. Meditation gets us to a point where we realize how wild and disruptive our mind is, wandering everywhere and taking us nowhere. Mind keeps Scattering all our energies all around may it be the past or future or making its own unrealistic and creepy stories. Meditation is a way to be present in the present moment. It helps us in giving our 100% to all what we do. Our mind is like a untamed monkey.

In the beginning when we realize this and find our mind wandering with all profound and unearned thoughts, do not feel bad or be harsh to yourself. It is natural. in the beginning when we start being aware it looks like an unattended garden with cactus and seems to be a wild poisonous forest. But once the disease is known it can be cured. To know the problem is the first and the most important aspect to cure or to have an answer. Mediation is the step to escalators that now would lead to where it is meant to. Enjoy all that comes, may it be facing all your negativities, but now it’s time to get rid of all. Be kind to yourself.

Some very important tips on how to meditate…

Some Basic points for practicing mediation for the beginners…

  • Sitting posture – Sit straight with spine erect on a chair or down on floor with crossed legs, anyway you like in a comfortable position. Mind and body are connected, so to have a clear focus of mind the back should be straight and relaxed.
  • Place of meditation – It is important to choose a place to meditate. It can be your room or under a tree. It should be a place with no or least distractions.
  • Eyes – Keep your eyes open, it helps and allows you to be more in present. Lower them as much you like with a soft glare. Close eyes generally carries us away with our thoughts and self initiated and dwelled stories into a fantasy land. But again, it as as per choice and convenience. If you feel closing eyes better it is best for you. There is no thumb rule to it.
  • Bring your awareness to your breath – Notice each breathe you take. Deep in and deep out. Feel the blooming up of lungs as you breathe in and feel the release through your throat and nose when you breathe out. Do pranayama – Take few deep breathes for the body and mind to settle down and relax. Just anchor your breath. Do not regulate it or force it, just let it flow in its own rhythm.

                 Breath is the connecting bridge that connects the body with the soul.

  • Count your breaths – Distractions shall happen with thoughts, it is a common phenomena. Nothing to worry. You can practice to count your breaths. One when you release, two when you release… and so on. Count till nine and back to one. One is coming back to home. breathing regulates are attention and helps in fighting stress. 

Remember you are not your thoughts

You have the choice to choose what you want to think and feel, your intrntions. Keep watching all thoughts and let them pass. Do not go along. Release all negative and unwanted thoughts and feelings by just letting them pass away without giving any judgments. Your judgments are also a way where you get trapped and carried away. Choose what you want to think and feel. Its your house.

Return to your breath. Love yourself. Smile with yourself. Be your own friend. Do body scans and release all stressed areas of the body by focusing and releasing through your breath.

Meditation is a silent and a wonderful way to start your day and live life with awareness… start with 2 – 3 minutes and stretch out slowly. IT’S MIRACULOUS…


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