Mindfulness and Transformation


Our thoughts are responsible for how we feel and behave.

Thoughts are our base of what we create in our life. Every aspect of our life is determined by the quality of thoughts we take. The more we are connected with our spirits, we are happier and have more loving nature. The connection – We are focused and balanced when our mind and spirits are connected. We are healthy, have a feeling of worthiness, self – confident.

The tools to connect with our spirits help us in Opening up our doors to all the universal abundance and we manifest positivity and success in our life.

The principle of mindfulness that is attentive awareness and being in the moment. Mindfulness is the state of ones environmental awareness with recognition of external reality accurately. Intense misrecognition of ones surroundings result in anxiety and mental illness. Our internal reality coheres closely with our external reality. Without judging any thought or situation as good or bad, a state of internal awareness and with awareness of our thoughts and feeling need to be practiced.

Yoga and Buddhism associates mindfulness. Yoga practices like meditation inculcate mindfulness, that activates our attention, body awareness, self-perceptions and emotional stasis.

Learning Mindfulness techniques

  • Mindfulness techniques are useful in practicing being in the moment.

Detaching yourself from ego by observing your feelings and thoughts without fighting of feeding them by paying attention. Practicing Mindfulness helps inactively engaging in the present moment.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindful meditation helps in achieving heightened awareness. Through meditation, the awareness of our internal, as well as our external world increases and, is streamlined.  A practice of being wholly present in now.

  • By focusing on one’s breath, moving and flowing in and out the body attracts attention and helps one I being in the moment. At any level of distraction, come back to again focus on breath, and letting go of any expectation or judgments.

Practicing mindfulness meditation promotes inner calmness and stability, non-reactivity of mind even in unpleasant moments.

Mindfulness is used to cope up with erratic temperaments, obsessive compulsion disorder, anxiety or any kind of addiction.  It is even helpful for people working in the high-stressed environment.

Mindfulness helps in changing the way of thinking, letting go of any negative thoughts and emotions of stress, anxiety or depression. A positive thought pattern is automatic created with wash out f negative emotions of anger and ego and improving our quality of life we live.  It quietens our mind and inner resistance. This enhanced our inner voice and unconditional love for our own and all.


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