Mindfulness is a position of full awareness and presence of mind in the present moment. A state in which you see the situation and observe it, without any judgment of good or bad, but living life in every moment and experiencing and facing with full awareness.

Meditation enhances the life-skills that we already have. It is not tied to any belief system. It makes us feel the abundance and the connection of life. A basic breathing meditation enhances our concentration and compassion.

Concentration is the art of gathering scattered attention and energy and getting it to a point.

Focusing our attention to all healthy and our passionate goals and letting go all our unhealthy and unwanted distractions. Concentration restores all the energies that are being wasted. It gets us back to the present moment to focus our attention where required. We generally have a tendency to get lost with our thought without even knowing. Our attention is scattered when we start thinking or focusing on anything crucial. Either we are carried away in our past or some projections of future. We tend to lose our connection with self. Concentration and focusing cannot be a forced effort; rather it is a way to be mentally awake and aware with your physical presence.

sunshine freedom - concentrationMindfulness is a process to connect fully to whatever life brings to us and to be aware and see the things as they actually are without being affected by any biasness, fears, habits or desires.

Life is full of opportunities…and to avail them fully we got to be free from all blind beliefs and assumptions. We got to make our impressions with open heart.  Mindfulness is how we relate things that are happening. Mindfulness can be full of joy or sorrow, pleasure or pain. Mindfulness is getting rid of all self-defeating and old habitual ways of relating things and being in present moment with full awareness.

Compassion is opening up our attention and transforming the way to see ourselves and the world around.

Releasing ourselves from the self constructed invisible walls of self and others and see the connection with the universe. The transformation begins with being kind to our own self.

Mindful Meditation develops these qualities. We get lost in a fantasy world just with few focused breaths and get distracted. The practice is to get back to breaths over and over again rather being hard to self and a feeling of failure. Kindness and compassion towards self is the first step to release stress. We learn to see things differently, the good within ourselves rather than fixing all that we don’t like. This way we create conditions for compassion and kindness to flow.

With mindfulness full of focus and love we are free from stress, have a beautiful insight for self, vastly happier and fulfilled. We tend to transform our life…Mindfulness is the key to recognize natural wisdom.

Listening relaxation music or the sounds of nature helps in being connected and focused and be with what we want to be. Living with our elongated thoughts and feelings become our life what we actually long for.


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