Money and Spirituality…


Money and Spirituality…

It is not at all necessary for spiritual people need to undergo financial struggles. This myth and a belief need to be broken. We actually want to have spiritual awakening and simultaneously want to live an abundant life. Yes, why not.

We can definitely be peaceful, loving, kind and balanced and become wealthy at the same time.

Spiritual and Successful Financially …YES

We always learn money and business but why not heart and soul. Spiritual gurus seldom discuss money and wealth. Money and spirituality need not to be elite but got to be hand in hand.  The spirituality and financial abundance needs to be mingled.

We got to embrace both money and spirituality with both our hands, aligning our soul and life together. We have to break our old pattern of thought and believe that ‘yes I can be spiritual and rich at the same time.’

A transformation and a shift in our mindset…

Think and act differently, blending them together, living a balanced, happy and abundant life. Combining our soul, happiness, inner peace with financial success.

The rules of universe are simple

  • Universe has everything in abundance. People, stars, trees, animals and We live in a world of abundance. If I am connected to the spirit, the soul, the universe that itself is abundant … then how can I live in scarcity. And if I am living in scarcity that simply implies that I am not connected.


  • A well known saying is ‘Loving money is the root of all evil’. But Loving money and having money are altogether two different aspects.


  • Kindness, generosity, spirituality can together create financial success as you desire and realize the dream of abundance.

The challenges…

The challenges that come across are like stones. Either you fall or use them as steps it’s your own approach. It is actually our mental blocks created over the time by our family, society, friends, education system that we live in scarcity. The blueprints over our mind have become so strong that money doesn’t flows to us naturally. Once these blocks are cleared, all our blueprints are rectified; money shall flow naturally for us, our family and shall have plenty to help others as well.

 We have to fine tune our subconscious mind’s blueprint for money to attract financial success and happiness. Our passion works and we got to blend money with our spirituality.

Natural flow of abundance…

  • Getting rid of all the blockages created in our minds that have become our obstacles in attracting and rather stopping a natural flow of abundance.


  • Conquering money and creating a lifelong security with the blend of being spiritual and in abundance.


  • Our own emotional beliefs anchoring to scarcity needs to be dropped right away to blast out a fast track of wealth.


  • A clear mind and vision of our passion and purpose is that is required for long term success and wellbeing spiritually.


  • Forget and forgive all your past mistakes and remember you deserve all that is there in universe.


  • Positive thinking and clear vision of prosperity unlocks the door to unstoppable magnetic abundance.


Common Religious Belief

It is a common Religious Belief that you can’t be spiritual and abundant. We have been made to believe that riches are equal to evil.

  • Just unleash this thought. Combine money and spirituality.
  • Do work that you love to do and keep helping others.

This gives a good feeling of creating wealth. And feel at peace… boost your income … stay true to your spiritual self…

It’s our birthright to be rich. We all deserve to be rich and happy. Make money with what you want to do. It’s a myth to believe that you got to work day night to be rich. Say a big NO to it. Unstuck yourself from all such beliefs and live a life balanced work – life.

Effectively managing money is also very important. We got to earn more, save it and simultaneously grow it.

It’s time to eliminate all our subconscious fears holding back our abundance and rewrite our new mental blueprints and feel positive and prosperous…



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