Mudras and their healing power…


Mudras is a very influential energy that paths and heals intricate troubles and bring back fitness to human mind and body. Mudras have the power to heal and restore wellness to the body, mind and spirit.

Universe and our body, both are made up of a combination of same five elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether. Imbalances in these elements disturb the body’s immunity system and that result in causing diseases.

mudras five elementsOur five fingers regulate the five elements of our body. When the representing finger of the particular element get in touch with the thumb, the element is stabilized and brought into balance. The five fingers are the control switches of all the elements of nature.

Mudras help in increasing the flow of energy in our body. Mudras are the ancient science of healing. It restores a state of balance within body increasing the level of resistance. It strengthens our immunity system.

Mudras is a preventive method and helps in strengthen our body and regulates the flow of energy in our body. That makes us feel better and energized and is able to control our lives without ailments.

Mudras and their Benefits…

gyan mudraGyan Mudra – Chin Mudra, The Mudra of Knowledge (connecting tip of the thumb to index finger tip)

Benefits   for power of concentration, spiritual upliftment, improves memory, nervous system gets energized, prevents headaches, insomnia, anxiety, fear, depression, tension, reduces anger, mental ailments, imparts happiness, develops intellect

vayu mudraVayu Mudra – Mudra of Air (connecting tip of index finger with the base of the thumb)

Benefits – Air related affections arthritis, gout, joint pains, gas. It even helps in relieving neck and spinal pains. Best results obtained after practicing Prana Mudra


surya mudraSurya Mudra – Mudra of the Sun (tip of the middle finger a the base of thumb)

Benefits – Balances the body, reduces weight, improves digestion, increases body heat, reduces hypertension, reduces bad cholesterol, builds strength, diabetes and lever defects, reduces anxiety


apan mudraApan Mudra – Mudra of Digestion (tip of thumb to middle and ring finger together)

Benefits – Removes toxins from body, constipation, piles, diseases caused by air, diabetes, stoppage of urine, kidney defects, dental problems, beneficial in stomach and heart diseases, perspiration


prithvi mudraPrithvi Mudra – Mudra of Earth (tip of thumb and tip of ring finger)

Benefits – Body weakness, thinness, obesity, improves digestion, deficiency of vitamins, gives energy and luster to the body


prana mudraPrana Mudra (tip of thumb to the ring finger and little finger together)

Benefits – for eyes and nerve problems, body energizing and balancing vitamins, removes tiredness, awakens dormant energy of prana, raises body resistance to diseases, during fast reduces thirst and hunger pangs


varun mudraVarun mudra (connecting tip of the thumb with tip of little finger)

Benefits – to balance water element in body, beneficial for pregnant ladies


apan vayu mudraApana Vayu Mudra – Mudra of Heart (tip of the thumb to the middle finger and tip of ring finger and the index finger touches the base of the thumb)

Benefits – relieves pain and also helps in improving general fitness, instant relief in heart attack, reduces high blood pressure, cholesterol, heals cardiac problems, cures asthma, removes acidity, headache, helps in climbing stairs if done 5-7 minutes prior climbing


linga mudraLinga mudra (keeping the fingers interlocked, the thumb of left hand pointing upwards, encircled with right thumb and right index finger)

Benefits – for energy, diabetes, activates fire element in body and creates intense heat, increases metabolic level, helps in reducing weight, lowers blood sugar level, cures cold


Agni Mudra (ring finger at the base of thumbagni-mudra

Benefits – for sugar, liver problems, reduces cholesterol level, strengthens the body


shunya mudraShunya Mudra – Mudra of Emptiness (press the first phalanx of middle finger with thumb)

Benefits – Hearing problems, strengthening bones, heart diseases, strengthens gums, throat and thyroid diseases.


Prana and Gyan Mudra

Benefits – Insomnia


For best results, Hand Mudras should be practiced daily to restore body’s healthy vibrations for minimum 10 minutes in the beginning and can be screeched to 30 minutes. If not done at one stretch, it can be performed in intervals.


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