Namaste Means Far More Beyond Just Joining Our Hands Together


What does doing Namaste Mean? Every yoga practice is generally concluded with a Namaste. What does it actually means and why is this practice followed?

The gesture of Namaste is followed with a belief that our Heart Chakra has a Divine Spark within. By doing Namaste a soul acknowledges another soul.

Namaste is defined as

Nama means to bow. Namaste means “I bow to You”.

While doing Namaste, we bow our head with eyes closed and join our hands together at the Heart Chakra. It can also be performed by joining hands and placing them at in front of Agya Chakra or the Third Eye Chakra and then bringing them down to the Heart Chakra while expressing deep respect. In India, the gesture of joining hands and bowing itself means Namaste, while in West, Namaste is usually said in conjunction along with a gesture.

The flow of Divine Love is believed to increase with as we bow with hands joined at the Heart Chakra. The mind tends to surrender to the Divine in the heart with the gesture of closing our eyes and bowing our head. Doing Namaste to one own self is a meditation technique to dive deep into the Heart Chakra.

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Namaste allows one to one connection, the two individuals connect energetically and come together with a bond of ego-free connection and timelessness. A deep blending of souls blossoms, if the gesture of Namaste is performed with a profound feeling from the heart and with a surrendered mind.

Namaste can be add-in practice into

Ideally, in yoga sessions or any meeting, Namaste should be incorporated both at the beginning and at the end. Usually, it is performed at the end of a yoga session as the mind and room energies are very peaceful at that time. The master initiates Namaste marking a gesture of respect and gratitude towards their students and other masters and in turn connecting the students with roots and thereby allowing the flow of truth – the ultimate reality – the truth that we are all connected through our hearts.

NAMASTE – a gesture that has its essence far more beyond that we ever thought of.




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