Why is it necessary to heal our self through spiritual healing?


We generally come across the word healing. But what does it mean? Healing in true sense means health and wholeness. Medically, we heal the body cells by regenerating and repairing them and heal up the damaged area. Healings not only removes the damaged tissue but also replaces them with new ones.  Wherein, in spiritual healing, relates to physical, mental, emotional and psychological healings by various spiritual means like reiki, meditation, crystal therapy, pranic healing etc.

Spiritually it is believed that beneath our physical body there lies an energy body(etheric/ bio-plasmic/pranamaya kosha) that needs to be healed. Any disease that is developed has its roots in energy blockages in our energy body known as the chakras. This disturbs us on the mental, physical, emotional and psychological level. Our desires reside in our energy body.

Spiritual Healing primarily focuses on purification and nourishing of our body, mind and the soul. Spiritual healings heal our body on

  • Physical level
  • Mental level
  • Emotional level
  • Psychological level

Why is it necessary to heal our self through spiritual healings?

It is important for us to clear all energy blockages to realize our true self. We experience love, happiness, inner peace and the bliss once we are healed at all levels. We must heal to experience the light and love within and the flow of divine energies that connect us with the eternal. This unconditional love and bliss is our true self.

The garbage that is accumulated in body mind and soul – clear them by spiritual healings

Our holy scriptures and our master have ascended and passed us this knowledge of wisdom. I am the creator (अह्म् ब्रह्मास्मे). The universe responds to our heartfelt thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We certainly experience all that we radiate through our thoughts and beliefs.

Our unresolved issues accumulate and tend to lower our frequency at which we vibrate. This negative energy needs to be cleared by dissolving any unresolved issues. Negative energy may be of anger, frustration, hatred, jealousy that is suppressed affects the defense mechanism of our body,  acts as seeds of diseases that cause us emotional and mental pain.

Spiritual healings and mediation

The two path – dhyaan and gyana path burn out all our past karmas. Through meditation (ध्यानग्नि) our accumulated karmas are burnt away and gyana – the knowledge of wisdom (जानग्नि) regulates and gives us awareness to stop creating our new karmic accounts. NOW SAY NO MORE.

Our body, mind, and soul are healed through meditation. When we meditate, our past karmas that are releasing negative energies from our chakras gets dissolved and the divine energies start flowing through our spinal cord clearing all the negative blockages from within. As the spine gets magnetized and the divine energy flows– the prana move along and regenerates our wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Every disease in our body occurs due to an improper and disturbed flow of prana the pranic energy. Any disease first manifest in the bio-etheric body that is the energy body (pranamaya kosha). That needs to be healed at this level. If not removed and is not handled it in due course enters our physical body and is then seen by us and is diagnosed medically. Spiritual healings restore the flow of energy and heal on energy level before the disease enters into the body at the physical level and is diagnosed.

Universal Magnetic Field And Human Magnetic Field

70% of our energy processes through our chakras. The sun and earth are the vital sources universal flow of energy. We can harness energies from these sources where the flow is actually eternal, non-stop, continuous and endless. Science has proved in their experiments that the magnetic field of the earth has a powerful and strong effect on the human brain and heart.

All these spiritual healings like reiki, chakra balancing, meditation, spiritual energy lets go and releases old unwanted energies and rejuvenates and gives way to new life energies within. God bless. Love and light.   


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