Only way to be HAPPY


Joy and Peace

All of you should take this sankalpa today – that whether it be your friends, family members, relatives, husband or wife, whoever comes to you should leave with more joy and peace. You will not give them a chance to complain. You will endure and go through whatever karma you have to bear, but you will make their life happier.

Why should we trouble and burden others with our karma? Sharing one’s sorrow never reduces it. And Joy never lessens by sharing, it only increases. So share joy, and surrender your sorrow and misery to the Divine, or just bear it and go through it, thinking of it as your penance.

When you follow this, then your personality blossoms and all your talents and skills get enhanced. If you just sit and cry about something or the other, and make others also cry, then what’s the use? What is the use of crying and complaining about anything?

Life is so temporary, you never know when it will come to an end. When life is so short, what is the use of cribbing and complaining about this and that; or getting angry about trivial issues and disturbing the peace of others around you? This is how an ignorant person lives his life. How does a wise person live?
A wise person has this firm faith that “Whatever I deserve I will surely get it. So I just have to continue putting in my efforts. What is important is that whoever comes to me should go back happier and more content”.

We should aim to spread joy and laughter wherever we go. What is the harm in some humour, or making some light jokes? I tell you, you should just laugh and have fun, and make others do the same as well. When you do this then you are truly a Satsangi (one who dwells in the company of the truth). When you do not do this, and instead go on complaining or wanting people to behave as per your wish, then you are not a Satsangi, because people will only feel the company of misery in your presence. What good is that?
Sri Sri


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