Our Existence…


Our existence…The beauty of having things we possess is so beautiful, and it engages us to the extent that we forget the energies that gave us everything.

Our vision gets covered in darkness of happiness, that we don’t see the channels and people involved. The only saying is “It’s all by HIS grace”. We lose the beauty of thanking people around involved. We fill ourself with ego of having all that we have and see people around as inferior and take ourselves as superior. And this is true for the giver, the one who gives us on physical level gets filled with ego and considers the receiver as small and tries dominates the other.

The true picture is, actually the whole transaction is done at capital “I” level (soul to soul for bodily requirements) and the small “i” comes in between (the body or so called our mann) that plays game. The mann keeps playing because, mann actually does not exist. And to show and prove its own existence, it has increased itself so big so big, that the whole world is moving and playing on its direction.

Let’s see how….

Mann is invisible.

Has ever anybody seen it? So is atma (soul). It is also invisible.

We discuss our mann whole day. It may be in the form of choice in food, clothes, cars, travelling or any luxuries. Where does it comes from and what is its existence.

Understanding OUR EXISTANCE…

It is actually when the body and soul meets, the mann emerges.

The soul, due to which the current or the energy passes through the body. Else we are like bulb (body) and the wire or current (soul) differently. It is when the current passes through bulb, the light is emitted. It is the same way, when soul and body meets, the energy is there. Once they depart, the energy vanishes and we are dead. It is as simple as that.

But now the question is where does the mann comes into existence.

When the body and soul meets (X) the automatic point that is created is the formation of mann, that actually has no existence of its own. Like moon who does not have the light of its own. But to show its importance, it has done wonders. Now, actually what we do in mediation or in knowing the truth; the practice is that I am not this body. In this process, when the body and spirit are together but at the same time apart through knowledge and experience. They stand II (parallel). The mann vanishes. There is no point generated that meets at the center. And this is the reason of all the changes we see and feel within ourselves when we are in meditation. We tend to say, nothing effects me much now, I remain happy. I am getting well day by day and lots of changes we see within ourselves start coming automatically, because now the small i (mann) that was not present is now absent. Similarly, as the dukh and sukh that we created, which are not present become absent. Anything to stand needs a ground,; now when the ground –the mann   the house of happiness and sadness, loses its existence and Is absent, the house is not there, the ground is lost, the insiders themselves the happiness and sadness gets vanished, disappear and are absent with no more presence. This is when we now achieve the soul.

When this feeling is attained… We are in the feeling of soul and not body as a male or female.

Soul is sexless, youth less, ageless. Soul is free, free from all bondages. No one can touch soul. Nothing affects it.

It is the truth and now you yourself are the truth. Know the truth and the truth shall set you free. We now have all the qualities of soul, which were already there within, but we were not able to see with our external eyes. Once we had our “U” turn , we looked inside that is the insight, we got the truth. The whole universe is within us. We are now in a position to see it. As when the ground changed, from the qualities of happy and sad mann, now to the ground of the soul with its qualities as residents now. Just as, when the subject was science the question paper was science and now when the subject is arts; the question paper has also changed. And with the questions, the answer sheet has to have its changes.

Now this answer sheet is attuned with the universe. Our thoughts, feelings, vibrations all are in tune with the universe. What else are we now left with to achieve. We are passed. We got our way to cross the sea of life.

Now I, God and the Universe are one. Other does not exist. Other was just our creation of mann. We are all from one source and shall get back to that source. Other is now vanished like a ghost or a thief gets lost with lights of knowledge. This knowledge and feeling itself is enlightenment…


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