Role of Intentions…


Intention plays a vital role in our life. Intensions are also responsible and liable for our healings through divine energies.

Our energies and vibrations are generated through our Intentions and form the beginning of all our actions.  All our thoughts, words, actions are the result of our intentions. These thoughts, words and action attract all the people and situations we come across in our life. Everything is inter-connected, and intention is the first invisible step.

Our intention sets the level at which we vibrate…

How we conduct ourselves, how we live and how our life will be, how we feel is all set by our intentions. Our intention is the base of who we are and how others identify us. It is the energies and vibrations that we spread out or radiate through us. Even before we think anything, say anything or do anything, our intentions on what possessions we want on the earth is radiated. Our healing too depend upon our vibrations, as it sets out the manner in which we set our energies that work around.

A false impression of intention is taken with making a wish. When an intention is set, we grant the current of intention to flow through us into the universe. We admit and grant the energies to match to the frequencies where in our thoughts, words and actions shall now begin to shift and follow for the accomplishment or that intention, without knowing how the things shall happen.

It is difficult to visualize how our end result of our intention would look like. It may appear so huge or so distant at times, that it can’t be anticipated clearly or maybe we don’t know how to get there. When we put our intentions, we lay down path to our energies; to set in motion; to modify in the ways it need to; for the intention; to draw closer; to the point we are ready and release it. This gets changes in our minds, hearts and lives. It changes our energy.

Unconscious intentions – Intentions are set by all of us un-consciously. It is poles apart to set our intentions consciously. It is an approach to accept the accountability of our lives and for the control we have over it. If we set an intention for something to come to us to transform our life, but we are reluctant to or do any adjustment in ourselves or in our lives or allow life it to happen, then we are blocking the intentions we set.

Allowing and Action equally are vital for the inspired change to happen. We ourselves are the only one in charge of our lives and our energies. By opening ourselves to allow the change to happen and act accordingly to bring intentions into being, we take the accountability and responsibility and control of our life. It is an enormous feeling once we walk into it.

Using intention in Expanding our heart and awareness in serving others is a great thing. This is the practice which we generally follow to set intention at the time of healing sessions. The intention is to be present lovingly, open heartedly allowing the healing energies to flow through. Intention is set that the session is for the highest good of all. Though we are not aware the path the healing may take place. For the healing to take place, both the healer and the healee must be readily open for the change and possibilities and expansions.

Intentions ought to be clear enough to lead easily towards goals. Remaining open to the path that arises while setting intentions and be geared up to march in it. Paying attention to all the signs that come across, listening to the energies within our body and heart. Taking steps and all the opportunities that mind opens. Allow your mind and heart to open.

This is what setting intention all about – shifting energies of the mind and the heart.


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