Saying ‘NO’ to Mindless Wastes


Our own thoughts distract us from being in present moment and thus hurdles our performance in regular activities – THE MINDLESS WASTES.

This at times even leads us to anxiety and unhappiness.

So here we are with basic yet very powerful technique to stop mindless wastes…

  • Pen down the thoughts on the paper, the disturbing thoughts one by one.
  • Now visualize or try to imagine that thought (take one at a time) by closing your eyes, and then recall a situation.
  • Focus on the unwanted thought and then say STOP and empty the mind with that thought.
  • NOW, Replace it with an intentional thought and keep mind focused for a while till it settles down.
  • If it still comes back, say stop over and over again till it vanishes. Keep practicing.
  • Yoga and meditation practice along helps in clearing and cleaning the mind. Practice it till the thought vanish with command.
  • Once the level of control is achieved, pick up next thought in the list, imagine it, STOP it, replace and repeat.

This basic practice shall slowly slow down speed and lessen down the hold of the distracting thought over you, and with practice shall stop such thoughts. It even helps us in managing relations.

The key is to accept that there are distressing and distracted thoughts. And by being less reactive to them, helps them to leave their control and strength on us.


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