Do You Share a Healthy Relationship


To have everything in common is not at all necessary

Your movie choice or music cannot determine your relationship. If you records show violence do not necessarily mean that you don’t share a healthy relationship. A perfect marriage is different from a long-term relationships working out. Satisfaction and happiness can be a scale to measure but not your fights. Things have nothing to do with musical preferences or your love albums. It is figuring out how to settle for music and other things and patch up for a long haul.

To strengthen your union a few things may be

  • Speak Out Your Mind

Relationships flourish with expression, where couples honestly and freely speak and express out their minds. No topic is inedible and both express and feels heard. Regular communication is important to build a long lasting relation together.

  • Having Your Own Space

You love each other doesn’t mean being possessive and you got to spend every moment together. Pursuing your own interests and being with friends revitalizes a relationship and give a perspective to grow as an individual – while growing as a couple.

  • Fights are Important

It is normal to disagree. Avoiding fight is holding yourself back. Fighting reasonably and fruitfully is rather healthy for a healthy relationship. It means striving to be aware of and understanding your partner rather than trying to gain points. And even it is important to apologize when you are wrong.

  • Liking Each Other as Always

Relationships don’t just get better suddenly with a dream coming true. A hope that something would change the relationship is baseless. A realization that no one is perfect, and accepting and valuing each other as it is today and not someone you would be like.

  • Mutual decision-making

Don’t take all the shots. Nor your partner. Basic to all, may it be as what movie to watch or the number of babies to have, it is important to listen to each other desires and matter of concerns. Take decisions together.

  • Joy time

Relations full of Laughter and fun are healthy. That totally doesn’t mean to be scatty every moment or not driving up the wall at all – but means being happy in simple ways of being together (accompanied dinner makings, laughing aloud on common jokes or just finding joy in the smallest of the things together.

  • Discovering Balances

At times maybe your partner has linger working hours and you got to turn out to be chief cook, or maybe you got to spent time with your elderly parent and your spouse takes care of all the errands. What matters the most is in ling run you play fair.

  • Being kind to each other

Treating your love with care is very important. Appreciations and empathetic to each other. if you find yourself being in a position of respecting people of no or lesser concern than whom you love, its time to take a step back and prioritize your steps

  • Trust factor

Commitments and Trust builds healthy relationships, where the communications are without secrets and any reservations.

  • Letting Things Go

You may annoy your partner or at times he may annoy you. You may end up saying things that you don’t mean. You may Abehave insensitively. Important is how you deal with all this. Speaking out your disappointment and letting go.

  • Intimacy

Sex is vital for any healthy relationship, but it is different from being intimate. It is more about sharing bonds of friendships. It is being feeling connected in and out of bed.

  • A feeling of a safe place

A secure place at the end of the day, a safety net is what your relationship is. It doesn’t by any means is not having fights but to have happy hours at hard times.

  • Discuss your dispute with your partner

Share your concerns of the issue with your partner and not your fb pals.

  • Keep Using The Magic Words

Thanks, sorry and above all I Love You. Use them inconsiderably on regular basis.

These basic points suggest if you share a healthy relationship. Just workout on the scale and try to overcome low or week points. healthy relations improves all around the atmosphere, the vibrations, the frequency at what you vibrate, your own health and the health of your family members.


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