5 steps to improve relationship


Love – the most intense emotion known to the mankind. Love is most likely taken as having a romantic relationship with a compassionate partner. Love is the source of profound completion and intense fulfillment.

Although, It is not inborn or intrinsic to have loving and healthy relationships. It is during the infancy period that the capability to shape a firm relationship is built. It is during the early years of experiences with mothers love, care, social contact, the environment that the patterns develop and outlines one’s personality.

There is no one reason for failures in relationships and tends to end up in immense psychological anguish. A conscious effort to master the skill is required to boom up a  relationship.

A lot of effort is required in a direction to have a healthy, strong and loving a relationship. Surely truly you want to spend time together, you respect and love each other, but during issues, there is so much to be analyzed.

The chief key to gear up a relationship is in being honest and being open to each other. The emotions provide a true, valid and real information of how you move together.

5 steps to improve a relationship

1. break down the circle of negativity

the first and foremost step to a loving relationship is to break down the circle of negativity. Understanding and being aware of the cycle, and knowing the need to break off the cycle of negativity than the relationship, half of the battle is already won.

2. explore out the partner feelings

once knowing and identifying the area of disturbance,  in order to inculcate further communication and a healthy interaction, it is important to explore the feelings of the partner. Assumptions and non-communication of feelings add up and feeds only negativities.

3. clarity as to what you want

to have a booming relationship with anyone, it is important to first to have a relationship with self and understand one own self. It is easy to get into the trap of “we mentality” without even acknowledging our own individual personality at the core. A healthy emotional bonding requires communicating and clearly expressing ones physical and emotional needs. Understanding each other and care for the way is the baseline and backbone for a relationship to grow.

4. be caring and compassionate

support, care, and compassion smoothen the relationship. Loving and respecting ones need and supporting them full heartedly wonders up all disputes.

5. put across and convey feelings

to truly breaking the circle of negativity in the relationship, it is important to express the feelings. Being honest and expressing how you feel boosts and regenerates a relationship. Don’t assume anything.  Work hard on listening to your partners’ needs and what the other is trying to tell. Our personality and identity is the reflection of our emotions, and these emotions are our baseline that guides our decisions.

conscious attention can build and heal any relationship. it is easy to find one and difficult to maintain. prove this saying wrong and make the reverse true – it is difficult to find one but easy to maintain. 


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