Stress and Pranayam…



Stress and Pranayam…  

Roots of Human life in all dimensions and segments is full of stress. Stress manifests itself in all walks of life irrespective of age or profession. Our mind that has the infinite power to lead us to perfection, confidence, success and can achieve ultimate bliss is full of stress.

Pranayam is an excellent technique and perfect process to smooth the prana – the vital force energy in each cell of our body and cleansing the toxins and attaining focus. Immunity is boosted up manifold relieving from various common ailments and respiratory disorders.

Modern man today living fast life, implicating changes in life styles have split families lacking emotional bondages. Here pranayam is a ray of hope for holistic health and respiratory disorders. Cough, cold, sinus, asthma, lung infections are very common problems faced by all age groups.

Persistent stress, air pollution, materialistic approach, ambitiousness, uncongenial environment, quality of food and eating habits, congenial defects in respiratory system, smoking, drugs, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, faulty breathing leading to inadequate intake of oxygen or Pran – the life force is a foremost cause of all minor or major ailments in our human body.

It is highly essential in today’s life style to have awareness and practical knowledge of various effective Pranayams with the common masses.

Regular and sustained practice of pranayam is a proven remedy for permanent cure of widespread respiratory disorders prevailing in present scenario.

The chronic diseases in the panch kosha

  • Annamaya Kosha (Food)
  • Pranmaya Kosha (Energy)
  • Manomaya Kosha (Mind)
  • Vijnanamaya Kosha (Disconcernment)
  • Anandamaya Kosha (Bliss)

The pranamaya kosha the energy body is where the disorders actually originates.

Forms of Pranayama

  • Deep Breathings
  • Nadishodan
  • Kapalbharti
  • Bhastrika
  • Bharambri
  • Anulom Vilom

Should be practiced and followed at regular basis.

Our life is the mirror image of our health…

In our sedentary life styles, heavily polluted environment having very less oxygen, food adulteration, stress; all leads to toxins that gets accumulated in our body leading to deadly diseases and breathing disorders. There are various cleansing techniques that can help us in getting rid of these disorders and detoxify our nerves and organ.

Cleansing methods to improve the immunity and removing toxins

  • Dhauti
  • Basti
  • Neti
  • Tratak
  • Nauli
  • Kapslbhanti

These Cleansing methods cleans our organs and helps them in becoming efficient and healthy.

Pollution results in dust, smoke, poisonous gases that enters our body from all our five sensory organs – eyes, nose, mouth, ears, skin thus affects our respiratory and circulatory systems; affecting malfunctioning of digestive and excretory system.

Cleansing process to prevent and cure various breathing disorders

  • Sutraneti – Sutra means Thread and Neti means cleansing process. Neti cleans the internal passage from nostrils to mouth and counters the problem of sinus, cold and asthmatic conditions.
    • Method – Sit on toes on floor, and gently pour the wet rubber or waxed thread into the nostril.
    • Gently push the thread to the inner tact of the nostril.
    • Catch the tip of the thread inside the mouth and slowly take out
    • Before taking out the thread completely, pull the threads alternatively to remove the blockages.
    • Repeat the process from other nostril.

Sutraneti digs out solid adhered layers of mucus and cough. Lubricating with almond oil inside nostril during night helps in performing sutraneti smoothly. The process can be performed daily. 

  • Jalneti – Jal means Water and Neti means cleansing process, should be performed immediately after Sutraneti to cleanse the internal passage from nostril to mouth.
    • Method – fill the jalneti pot with like warm water with a pinch of salt.
    • Sit on toes, hold the pot fit the tip of the nozzle tightly to the nostril, and breathe from mouth.
    • Pour the water slowly
    • The water will automatically flow out from other hole of the nostril.
    • Repeat the process from other nosril.
    • After completing, do kapalbharti, to force out the leftover water completely from the nostrils.

Cleansing of eyes to purify pollution in eyes can be performed after performing jalneti. The process can be performed daily. 

  • Kunjal/jal dhauti – highly recommended method to cleanse upper digestive passage to remove heaviness, acidity, gases and various other toxic ingredients. A clean digestive track gives massive power to heart, lungs and respiratory system.
    • Method – Sit on toes and drink 6-7 glasses of lukewarm water.
    • Joining both the feet, bend forward.
    • Press left hand on stomach and right hand first three fingers inside the mouth on the root of the tongue.
    • The water shall flow outside.
    • Keep pressing the root of the tongue until the whole water comes out

This process of Kunjal releases the unwanted acids or gases. This process should be done on an empty stomach in morning, whenever required.

  • Jasbasti (anema) – a helpful cleansing process to cure respiratory illness and should be performed when required.

Any process of cleansing should be performed in the morning time. Sinus, extreme cough, asthma, and various other breathing related problems get relieved by performing these kriyas.

Initially any of these kriyas should be performed under the supervision of expert yog trainers.



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