the territory of the creative inner world

    art and writings

    Mapping the territory of the creative inner world. Creative Art and write-ups work psychologically.  Writing your mind and heart out or being able to make art from ones experience is a gift of God. A deep cultural presumption believes creativity is a way to transform the pain of your own and even if others in grief. Writings and art may make you feel better and drive you to the state of acceptance of any loss more rapidly.

    Art does not clear out a pain. But sometimes hurling paint rage on canvas clears anguish on paper than on myself or the other people around. Art is a way to depict what one is going through or what one is living with.

    The creative process

    Art reflects our own pain back to us. It is supportive to solve or fix out things in a creative process.  Any form of art allows us to tell our story. The stage, canvas, the theatre are always open and willing to receive and mirrors that needs to be said. The gesture reflects our inner world to the outer one. It lets our feelings to be expressed creatively. We give shape to our stories. Sharing lets other to momentary enter into our world.

    Expressing great pain and reflecting our pain release. Art gives comfort from our own kind of company, people who throughout live alongside a deep loss.  The healing lies in allowing the flow to happen. Creation doesn’t make things right but helps in making things better.

    Creative acts work when nothing else works.

    Different creative practices can be tried depending upon time availability, the mood or the needs. Different art forms experiments can be carried out. Go creative, don’t panic to make something good. Try abstract painting, or wedging clay if filled with anger or frustration. Try out torn paper collage or get some graphic novel. It’s not about making sense or anything pretty. Different exercises need to be done at different times. One vivid experiment

    • Take a newspaper or a magazine may it be the free dailies
    • Full spread open the paper – not the one with pics but the one with words and articles
    • Now try out with a colored pen or a highlighter, underline words randomly all over the page with your eyes closed. Keep breathing.
    • Now, make a poem with the found words or a small piece of a writing style with the words and sentences joined together that are highlighted.
    • Let them dictate. Keep ding again a few times all over the page, don’t stick to a particular article. And you’ll be shocked with what you find.

    Any creative practice like this can’t recover you’re lost or fix you up but helps to build a story that may make things just bit easy on mind and heart.




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