Thoughts and Flow of Energy



Energies follow thoughts. Thoughts become our magnifying glass. Concentrating on our thoughts changes our vibrations.

Everything around is happening because of the thoughts and vibrations that are emitted by us. So thoughts play a vital role and forms the basis of all that is attracted by us. So it is important to know what all types of thoughts are there that are subconsciously been generated by us and are creating all blessings or mess around us.

Knowing our thoughts AND the power of thoughts…

By focusing and being aware of the thoughts and vibrations that we emit we can change anything and achieve our desires to the ultimate. There are around sixty thousand thoughts that we take, out of which maximum are not noticed and they too create things around us. It is practically not possible to take notice all the thoughts, but the key can open the gate. The key is the feeling. A good thought gives us a good feeling and simultaneously a bad thought gives us a bad feeling. Just by knowing how we are feeling right now, forms the parameter of our thoughts. The practice to feel good, automatically helps in receiving signals as soon as some evil thoughts try to enter our supreme power OUR MIND…

The key is the feeling. A good thought gives us a good feeling and simultaneously a bad thought gives us a bad feeling.

Types of thoughts…

There are seven types of thoughts

  • Toxic Thoughts
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Waste Thoughts
  • Necessary Thoughts
  • Right Thoughts
  • Positive Thoughts
  • Elevative Thoughts

The Nine Mirrors our the thoughts reflects…

All thoughts have different impact and are reflected differently as we take them. The Nine Mirrors that thoughts may go through helps us in knowing how each thought is affecting us. Our strong theory about the perceptions helps us in doing our practicals effortlessly.

  • Magnifying thoughts … we humans have a nature to magnify our problems. And a mere 2% problem may even looks 200 times bigger than it actually may be. If our thoughts are the base and affects us physical and emotional level then it is unimaginable what are we doing with our bodies.
  • All or none thoughts …is the principal of I want all or none, that either I want all or else I just don’t want it. Actually the life is not black and white. This sought of thoughts make us rigid and ultimately just affects us and nothing around.
  • Jumping to conclusion thoughts … In a very general phenomena we have a tendency to make decisions without knowing the true aspect or the other side of the picture. This leads us in missing opportunities or even result in our destroying our relations.
  • Always mentality … we generally have a tendency to pick things from our past experience and respond without accepting the fact that everything around is changing. Truly speaking, if you are changing, the fact is everything and people around and their thoughts and experiences are changing with time. Your ‘always like that’ mentality needs to be given a back seat and accepting that all is changed, just focus on your thoughts and energizing them is required.
  • Labeling thoughts… we give labels to everything and everybody around. Even after years we see the same image in our mind as years back. With time and experiences, the body, the thoughts and everything change. But our image for a particular thing or a person remains the same. Our mind is not ready to change the old pics. Our mind is ruling us. Now it’s the time to rule our mind.
  • No-tting way  … we keep forcing our mind to forget and avoid what we not want to remember. But the rule is that “what you resist persist”. So actually, we fight with darkness. Wherein the darkness itself has no existence of its own. Darkness is absence of light. So to get rid of a particular thought, the way is to get the thoughts that you actually want and love to be with. Our mind is blessed to think one thing at a time. Stop fighting with darkness, but get some light.
  • Fly mentality … human mind has a tendency to remember, recall, and repeat all gossip and rubbish and negativities. The mind sticks and stinks with all junks; just like a fly sits on garbage. Now the law of universe is What we Think. Repeat and Feel grows”. We repeat all negativities and expect the positivity to grow, this is against the law of universe. We give light, water and air to junk and want a flower to blossom.
  • Disqualify … everything that comes to your way is important. Nothing happens without a reason. We got to take our lessons and move ahead. Things keep repeating and come our way when we don’t accept things.
  • Why me … we all have a question that why did it happen to me. I never did anything. Why God why. But, if you are ready to accept and live all happiness and blessings on your way, then why not a bit sorrow. It is there to make you strong and give you a lesson. Remember “NOTHING IS NEW UNDER THE SUN”. Whatever happens, happens for good. Nothing is stagnant and is meant to move and change. Day and night follow and is the cycle.

Thoughts are followed by feelings. Get to the thoughts and see what is the cause and get is it right or not. We got to practice positive thoughts and feelings. Meditation, Yoga, Reiki are the ways to have positivity. OUR MIND IS RULING US. BE AWAKE … NOW IT’S THE TIME TO RULE OUR MIND.



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